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DAY 7/30

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2015-02-17 09:00

A WEEK passed quickly, huh?:) 

It's time for DAY 7!

Thanks for all your comments! Keep up the good work!

to pursue sth
(pronunciation) - to try to achieve something; to follow or to chase - dążyć do czegoś

Judy plans to pursue a career in marketing.

to pursue a goal/dream/solution 

Question 1: Do you think it's worth pursuing a dream? Why? Please write your answers in your comments below, on Facebook here or on the wall of the event! Try to use the expression in various contexts.

Pytanie 1: Czy uważasz, że warto dążyć do spełniania marzeń? Dlaczego? Napisz swoje odpowiedzi w komentarzach poniżej, w grupie na Facebooku tutaj lub na ścianie wydarzenia na Facebooku! Postaraj się użyć wyrażenia w różnych kontekstach!



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  • B.
    2015-05-11 14:07

    My goal is to pursue the happiness in my life.

  • Oskar
    2015-03-17 14:46

    Yes, we must pursue something, becouse when we dream our life is beautiful. When we have dream and working for better day our life is very crazy and happy.

  • Patrycja Kinga
    2015-02-17 09:26

    Yes of course! Always worth pursue a dream, because we have only one life and we must try doing everything what can make us happy.

  • Ada
    2015-02-17 09:36

    I plan to pursue a career as accountant.

  • Karolina
    2015-02-17 09:39

    I think that it's worth pursing a dream because everyone have your aim in life and we live for this, we want fulfill the dreams :)
    it's a beautiful!

  • Beata Borowska
    2015-02-17 09:48

    It's difficult to realize how long time I was trying to pursue a goal.
    It's still before myself.

  • Ewela Z.
    2015-02-17 09:49

    In my opinion it is worth pursuing a dream because when you pursue happiness, you never know what kind of opportunities arise in your life.

  • Olga
    2015-02-17 09:52

    Sure it is worth! People could achieve more and more if they have dreams. They have better motivation to pursue their plans.

  • Ola
    2015-02-17 09:53

    Of course it is worth pursuing a dream. If we managed to achieve it, we will be the happiest people ever. And if we couldn't get it - that's a good lesson for future.

  • Agnieszka Opas
    2015-02-17 10:00

    I think that is worth pursing a dream because then our life is interesting

  • Adek
    2015-02-17 10:20

    If you do nothing to pursue your dreams. You are nobody, because you are not doing what you love. Let your feelings go out i live your life.

  • Kundzia
    2015-02-17 10:35

    I think we always should pursue to dream. I'm sure, dreams are there to meet them.

  • pierwiastekstrzech
    2015-02-17 10:50

    It is definitely worth pursuing a dream. It makes sense to our life, gives us energy and power to do things, which make us closer to our goal.

  • Tomek
    2015-02-17 10:55

    I think it`s worth to pursue a dream because then we are state happy
    We must believing it`s us succed and try to achive to destination that change our life

  • GG
    2015-02-17 11:12

    I always try to pursue my goals, even if it requires a lot of my time.

  • A.
    2015-02-17 11:26

    I think it's worth pursuing a dream and what is more it's always worth to have a new one for pursuing because dreams come true!

  • Barbara H.
    2015-02-17 11:29

    My plan to pursue a learn English and change my job.

  • Jowita
    2015-02-17 11:35

    I think, it's worth pursuing a dream. People have goals and when dreams come true we are happier.

  • Ola
    2015-02-17 11:40

    I believe it's worth persuing your dreams because this is what makes your life worth living!

  • Michał
    2015-02-17 11:45

    You should pursue to dreams if you hope for better tomorrow.

  • Karolina
    2015-02-17 13:41

    1. I think it's good to have dreams and pursue them. It makes our life more challenging.
    2. Police pursued the car at high speed. (from: Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary)

  • Milka
    2015-02-17 13:44

    In my opinion it's very hard but I think that pursuing a dream is worth trying out. When we will achieve our goals we will happier and better people. As well we can be motivation for other people.

  • Iza C
    2015-02-17 13:53

    Yes, I do think that it is worth pursuing dreams or plans :) For example, I have decided to pursue a career in HR area.

  • Iza C
    2015-02-17 13:53

    Yes, I do think that it is worth pursuing dreams or plans :) For example, I have decided to pursue a career in HR area.

  • Vio la
    2015-02-17 13:56

    Pursue it is to finish the study and work in an ideal profession.

  • I
    2015-02-17 14:02

    I think tahat's worth to pursuing a dream, because when we follow our dreams, we have a chance to make our life better.

  • Dominika
    2015-02-17 14:28

    I think that it's worth pursuing a dream becouse we have only one life and we had to good use it.

  • gosia
    2015-02-17 14:35

    It is worth pursuing dreams. The value of a dream is not in its statistical likelihood of cooming true. The value of a dream is in the hope it provides to you every day.

  • Natalia
    2015-02-17 14:36

    Pursue a dreams is very important because it gives strength and motivation. I think that impossible is nothing. :)

  • Jadwiga
    2015-02-17 14:39

    1. I plan to pursue a career in accountancy.
    2. I think that pursuing dreams is very important because you can do something to realize your dream and goals. Dreams make our life interesting and colorful.
    3. My friend plans to pursue his dream. He wants to jump with a parachute.

  • Kaludia93
    2015-02-17 14:55

    I think that worth pursuing a dream, because the dream can come true.

  • iwona
    2015-02-17 14:56

    I all my live to pursue to travel all the world.IT's my dream to visit Brasil and beach Copacabana

  • Kateryna Skirska
    2015-02-17 15:15

    As for me it's very important to pursue your dream. If you wouldn't do that, if you will seat without doing nothing your dream will never come true.

  • sylwester
    2015-02-17 16:06

    Yest its great to dream that dreams are sens of as life with out them life is borring .I do much as i can trening to pursuing be better footballer every day

  • julka. n
    2015-02-17 16:12

    Mozecie usunac te reklamy? Bardzo utrudniaja korzystanie. Ze strony nie da sie skopiowac do notatek by sobie powtarzac naa komorce.

  • Agnieszka
    2015-02-17 16:19

    @julka.n, czy mogłabyś napisać z jakiego urządzenia mobilnego korzystasz i na której stronie występują problemy?

  • DD
    2015-02-17 16:47

    I think, worth pursching a dream, because sometimes dream are tru. It's beautiful.

  • Kacper
    2015-02-17 17:03

    I think the people should always pursue to dream, because that give us satisfaction and make us happy.

  • Asia
    2015-02-17 17:28

    I think that everyone should to pursue their a dream. Sometimes it is very hard but you know that you tried and next time will be better. People who pursue their plans are happy and they have experience. Well, you remember. You do not stop fight and you pursue the dream

  • MGosia
    2015-02-17 17:36

    1. Our dreams are something special... and we always must pursue to realize it. Beacuse then we are happier :)

  • S.N
    2015-02-17 17:52

    I try to fulfill your dreams. Pursuing gives me strength and energy.

  • Justyna
    2015-02-17 18:03

    It's worth pursuing a dream, because it's free and you will gain a lot.

  • Kasia
    2015-02-17 18:08

    Without pursuing goals or dreams our life will be unproductive and barren

  • Ewa
    2015-02-17 18:21

    I plan to pursue a career as engineer. I hope that I'm on a good way to pursue my dream about being a good qualified and experienced engineer.

  • Ziomalka
    2015-02-17 18:26

    In my opinion, if people do not pursue a goals and dreams, their lives did not have to make much sense. It is to fulfill your dreams.

  • ppp
    2015-02-17 18:31

    I think is worth pursing a dream. its vry important in life because it motivate people to do sth.

  • Basia :)
    2015-02-17 18:52

    I think that persuing a dream is the best part of our life. We could improve ourselves and become better people. When we makes our dream come true, we will be overjoyed and proud of ourselves.

  • Szymon
    2015-02-17 18:57

    I pursue to be happy in my live.
    I pursue plans, whose are achievable.
    It's good, when you have dreams and you pursue its constantly.

  • Paulina
    2015-02-17 19:10

    I think that worth pursuing a dream because It may be a good way on your life and when you achievement a drims, You feeled satysfaction and will be happy.

  • Krzysztof
    2015-02-17 19:42

    Yes of course , to pursue dream give smile

  • Daniel P
    2015-02-17 19:44

    I have the possibility of pursue the objective, but I'm lazy: D

  • Danusia
    2015-02-17 19:46

    Andy have had a dream. And now he plans to pursue a career in marketing..

  • Ela
    2015-02-17 19:51

    I pursue the growth of my sales competienties.

    2015-02-17 19:59

    Pursue fulfillments dreams

  • Yolla
    2015-02-17 20:14

    I think to pursue dreams is very important. It gives motivation to life.

  • Maupa
    2015-02-17 20:15

    If we pursue our dreams, and them becoming true, we feeling better, and want pursue more things. Then our life is wide experience.

  • Kasia.P
    2015-02-17 20:20

    I thing it's worth to pursue a dream.When I pursue a dream, I'm very happy.

  • Monika
    2015-02-17 20:44

    I think it's very important to pursue our dream,because we have a purpose in our life and when the dream comes true it makes us happier.

  • Ewelina A
    2015-02-17 21:11

    I think it's worth pursuing a dream because it brings good luck to a person.

  • Paulina
    2015-02-17 21:49

    I think that worth pursuing a dream is very important because dreams are a part of our life.

  • Ela
    2015-02-17 21:51

    After achieving one goal I pursue to another one.

  • Kate
    2015-02-17 21:54

    I plane to pursue learn English, that difficult...

  • Kat Rud
    2015-02-17 22:09

    Pursuing your dreams and passion can mean different things to different people. Some people's dream to have a normal nine-to-five job. Some people's plans to pursue a career. Other people's dreams to travel around the World. I was dreaming to get baby. It is important to realize dreams. They give us the meaning of life.

  • Dzooj
    2015-02-17 22:12

    It's really worth pursuing dreams, because dreams are fullfilling pur life!

  • Gresiek7
    2015-02-17 22:20

    Pursuing a dreams is one of the most importent things to do through Your life. Remember: pursue small dreams too, only for yourself not for crowd!

  • Wercia
    2015-02-17 22:21

    I thing that we should pursuing to fulfill our dreams because that makes us happy

  • Justyna
    2015-02-17 22:24

    In my opinion it's worth pursuing a dream. Everybody needs any purpose in life. Dreams set goals so PURSUE A DREAM!!

  • Aśka
    2015-02-17 22:39

    We are looking for professionals with a passion, who together with us, want to pursue new challenges.

  • AnKa
    2015-02-17 22:44

    I to pursue speak English in a good level.

  • Ewelina
    2015-02-17 22:45

    Pursuing a dreams it's very important in our life, because thanks to it we are happy. Life is really short so we must make our dreams come true.

    Judy plans to pursue a career in marketing.

  • Arleta
    2015-02-17 22:53

    I think it is worth to pursue dreams, because you believe more in your abilities and you get that feeling of satisfaction that you achieved your goal.

  • Dariah
    2015-02-17 23:03

    Dreams are part of our lives. We should change dreams into goals and pursue them.

  • Marta OOO
    2015-02-17 23:03

    Everyone of us pursues a certain goals. This is live. Who pusruses dreams assiduously, it gets to drink champagne. Our whole live is consist of pursuing something.

  • Maria S.
    2015-02-17 23:16

    I think everyone should to pursue a dream because it gives hope of life.

    Eva try to face her weakness. She's brave. She always pursue a solution of tough situation.

  • Anulika
    2015-02-17 23:20

    I think that pursuing the dreams is the most important thing in our life! It gave us satisfaction, freedom, fulfillment... then we can say "I'm happy"

  • Łukasz
    2015-02-17 23:25

    I think that worth pursue a dream and dreams come true, we are happy then.

  • Urszula
    2015-02-17 23:26

    I think it is worth pursuing a dream, because If we don't believe in ourselves we can't get anything. Sometimes even the most strange imagination come true, so we shoud believe we can reach the stars, beacuse we are worth it.

  • Barbarella
    2015-02-17 23:33

    Ofcourses, i think people must pursue dreams because their life dont have sense withouy dreams!

  • Kinga O
    2015-02-17 23:43

    I think to pursue a goal is very important, because it gives complete satisfaction.

  • Gosia87
    2015-02-17 23:58

    I think is definitely worth pursue their dreams, because through this we have a goal in life. Dreams let us develop himself.

  • Kasia
    2015-02-17 23:59

    I think it is very important then we are pursuing a dream because it makes a lot of happy in our life.

  • mater00
    2015-02-18 00:01

    I think that following to pursue our dream is important. If we have the aim, we have also more motivation to gain it.

  • Aga
    2015-02-18 00:36

    I think that pursuing dreams is the best thing in live. It change our for better and make we more happy.

  • Patrzi
    2015-02-18 02:19

    I pursure a career in a big hospital in Wrocław.

  • godik21
    2015-02-18 03:42

    I think it's worth pursing an our dreams becouse it's the key to happiness.

  • Zbigniew Dominiak
    2015-02-18 06:18

    I think that worth pursuing a dream oa one of most important thing in our life. Without dreams days are gray. I would like achieve my private goals before 40..

  • Helena
    2015-02-18 07:58

    I believe that dreams are meant to came true.That is why we should pursue our dreams.

  • Ania
    2015-02-18 09:12

    I think it's worth pursue a dreams, because it make us happier in our lives. It gives us hope that life is beautiful and amazing.

  • BeataBeata
    2015-02-18 10:55

    In my opinion we should pursue our dreams, but nowadays it may be difficult on account of free time and costs.

  • Marta
    2015-02-18 11:25

    I wish to pursue my target. My dream will come true.

  • Justyna
    2015-02-18 11:32

    I think that it's necessery to persue a dreams own, cause when we really want something and we believe in it, is a high probability that it will come true

  • Raczek
    2015-02-18 12:05

    In my opinion every dream is worth to persue. That's changing dreams for the plans.

  • ala
    2015-02-18 12:54

    I think that we must pursue, beacause we have possible enjoy it, we may enjoy our way for our objective. Later we will be happy, if we will good things.

  • Monika
    2015-02-18 14:31

    It's worth to pursue dreams because when we really want sth, we can achieve it and nothing can stop us.

  • Michał w
    2015-02-18 14:54

    Of Course it is worth to pursue the dreams. We should dreaming as long as possible. Not only to pursue but also to do sh for that and to archive ourselves aims.
    I'v tried to do that and I've done it :)

  • E_ka
    2015-02-18 15:10

    I think we should always pursue our dream. They can come true.....

  • Justynaa
    2015-02-18 17:34

    I. I think that everyone should pursue dream because when we dream we have a reason to living. When we have a goal we are doing different things to achieve it. If we don't have any plans to life usually we have a depression because we don't know what we can do to be happy.

  • Lola
    2015-02-18 17:39

    I'm sure it's worth pursuing a dream cause we feel happy when we achieve our goals. And happiness is one of the most important things in life.

  • Kasia
    2015-02-18 19:23

    I think that we should pursue dreams, because we became happier :)

  • Kasia B
    2015-02-18 19:24

    never give up, never give up about your dreams, always worth to pursue them!because you dont know when they come true:)

  • Ada
    2015-02-18 19:29

    yes, beacause when people pursue their dreams, they feel happier and more valuable. Life without dreams or plans is boring and sad

  • Angelika
    2015-02-18 21:02

    I plans to pursue a career in photo .

  • Paweł
    2015-02-18 21:20

    this is first answer: In my opinion to pursue a dream we need more time.
    Pursue a Dreams is very important, because when we to pursues sth, we feel so happy and motivated

  • Ania
    2015-02-18 21:59

    It's very important to have dreams and pursue for our objectives. Almost everything is possible if we believe.

  • Aga
    2015-02-18 21:59

    In my view it's worth to pursue a dream because dreams can set the meaning of our life. We can feel happier when we achieve our goals and realize our dreams

  • Kasia
    2015-02-18 22:10

    I think it is great to pursue a dream because it is the only way to feel really happy in your life.

  • Bartek
    2015-02-18 22:36

    To pursue success and dreams should be mainly way in my life.

  • gosia
    2015-02-18 22:40

    Every day people should pursue a dream because it makes life more interesting.

  • Agata
    2015-02-18 22:45

    We should pursue a dream because when our day end we will know that we do everything, we try and we didn't give up.

  • Maciek N.
    2015-02-19 08:31

    Every day I pursing to be a better person.
    Also I thin every one should pursing be a better person :)

  • Magda W
    2015-02-19 12:56

    Of course it's worth pursuing a dream because even the path to achieve this dream can be interesting not to mention achieving this dream!

  • Magda Wierzb
    2015-02-19 15:54

    1. In my opinion pursuing a dream iv very important in our life. It make us better and stronger.

  • Amy
    2015-02-19 17:05

    I pursue to find a balnce

  • emka
    2015-02-19 19:06

    I every day pursue to be better wife, daughter and person.

  • Dzulii
    2015-02-19 21:44

    I am persuing to develop my professional skills every day.
    It is worth to persue all dreams because human without one are not exist!

  • Jacek
    2015-02-19 22:38

    I think, that it is worth pursuing a dream, because dreams are for this!

  • Ania
    2015-02-19 22:48

    In my opinion it's worth pursuing our dreams because we could be happy in our life.

  • MagdalenaW.
    2015-02-20 09:18

    In life you have to pursue perfection.

  • EPPkA
    2015-02-20 19:15

    The most important thing in live is pursue a dream.

  • Bartek Es.
    2015-02-20 21:26

    In my opinion, everyday you should to pursue a dream. Example, I plan to a truck driver!

  • Kamil K
    2015-02-20 21:53

    I think, that pursuing for our dreams is important to achieve hapiness and live life for it's fullness.

  • Jagna
    2015-02-21 10:18

    Pursuing your dreams makes your life more fascinating.

  • Madzialena
    2015-02-21 18:16

    I think that, we must to pursue a dreams because we can more and get everything what is happiness.
    I want to pursue my dream work, earn money and go to travels.

  • Oksana
    2015-02-21 22:23

    I think that purposing our dreams is the most important work what we are doing in our life because it's make us happy and when we make it we recognize how beautiful is the life

  • Ania
    2015-02-22 14:17

    Pursuing a dream is really important. It shows how determined you are.

  • Artur Kurpiel
    2015-02-22 21:06

    I think it's worth pursuing a dream ,because give joy and expand my talent.

  • Jagienka
    2015-02-23 14:02

    I think that pursuing a dream is very important for everyone. I always try to pursue my dream or goal because this thing make me happy.

  • JustZ
    2015-02-23 16:41

    In my opinion is worth to pursue a dreams becouse it closes us to reach happiness and save us from bitterness.

  • gustaw
    2015-02-23 22:08

    In my opinion we schould pursing to dream. We must to face bad world and pursing to happinesses .

  • Monika
    2015-02-24 17:14

    Why not?;) We should believe that our dreams come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.

  • Hanna
    2015-02-24 20:06

    I dont understand what is mean "to pursue a dream". I pursue a goal and to achieve this goal I wrote a plan with things I have to do from day to day.

  • Karola
    2015-02-25 10:45

    It's definitely worth pursuing a dream because one day, maybe when you'II get older, you will be able to say "I lived my life. I did what I love the most".

  • Patrycja
    2015-02-26 11:35

    I think it's worth pursuing a dream because the dream is part me reality. When I pursue drea it comes true. It belongs what is your dream.

  • ad
    2015-02-26 23:37

    i think that worth pursue dream because this make pleasure

  • Amator
    2015-03-06 22:27

    I pursue to achieve English C3 level.
    Can I do it?

  • Natalia
    2015-03-09 20:54

    In my opinion is really important to pursue to something, especially to dream, because people must have sth which aspire to do something what makes happy.. People must have dreams which can come true!

  • Kinga
    2015-03-11 17:28

    I think that pursuing dreams is very important in our life because it gives us a lot of satisfaction and we have purpose in our life.

  • emka
    2015-03-15 13:42

    I pursue to find a job, that will give me a true satisfaction and I won't feel like I have to bring myself to do something. Work should give you not only the proper money, but first of all should develop your wings, bring you a new experience and additionally a fun.

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