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DAY 6/30

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2015-02-16 08:59

Good morning! Do you like Mondays? :) 
Dzień dobry! Lubisz poniedziałki? :)

Time for DAY 6!
Czas na DZIEŃ 6!

to face sth (pronunciation) - to acknowledge and accept or deal with - stawić czoła 
We had to face a tough decision.

to face sth - to be or turn in a particular direction - być zwróconym w kierunku, stać twarzą do
Our hotel room faces west.

***BEFORE you write your answers below, read this short article about correcting sentences here.***
***ZANIM odpowiesz na poniższe pytania, przeczytaj krótki artykuł o poprawianiu zdań tutaj.***

Question 1: Have you ever faced a tough decision in your life? Please write your answers in your comments below, on Facebook here or on the wall of the event! Try to use the expression in various contexts.

Pytanie 1: Czy stałeś kiedyś w obliczu trudnej decyzji? Napisz swoje odpowiedzi w komentarzach poniżej, w grupie na Facebooku tutaj lub na ścianie wydarzenia na Facebooku! Postaraj się użyć wyrażenia w różnych kontekstach!



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Podobne wpisy


  • Redaktor Osa
    2015-05-05 14:33

    I told you that it was so easy to face this little boy from Kongo.
    My window will have west faced

  • B.
    2015-04-22 14:03

    Weather you like it or not you have to face this problem.

  • Sylwia
    2015-02-16 09:38

    Everyday to face a new challenge.

  • Marta OOO
    2015-02-16 09:49

    I have to face diffrent dificulties today: sickness, duties of family and learning.
    My house faces my neighbour's house.

  • Gresiek7
    2015-02-16 09:58

    I love face new challenges, it's chance get to know new people.

    Roof of my house doesn't face south so I have a problem with solar instalation.

  • A.
    2015-02-16 10:01

    Last year I had some health problems and I had to face tough decision about hard surgery.

  • Karolina
    2015-02-16 10:06

    I faced a tough situation when I had to combined study with work.

  • Tomek
    2015-02-16 10:13

    I had face a tough decision 2 years ago when that I resigned with purchase myself car
    I didn`t have face a tough decision when it I quit smoking cigarettes

  • Ewela Z.
    2015-02-16 10:21

    Yes, of course. All of a sudden I am in a different world without a job and one that I must face up to.

  • Asia
    2015-02-16 10:26

    Yesterday I faced my ex-boyfriend who betrayed me last year.

  • Aneta_79
    2015-02-16 10:33

    I faced all my anxieties.

  • Igor
    2015-02-16 10:45

    1. I had to face many touch decisions during my life. I was deciding with college i must go to get best qualifications.
    2. Today We have to face with messy house.
    3. My House room is faced to the west.
    4. I'm facing computer screen right now writing the comment below this post.
    5. I had to face this competition because I want to improve my English and be albe to read English Newspaper without any help.

  • Maciek N.
    2015-02-16 10:48

    I had to face a tough decision every day in my job. I work in financial company, and we had hard decisions every day.

  • Kundzia
    2015-02-16 10:59

    1. After the death of my mother I have to face with many problems.

  • Agnieszka Opas
    2015-02-16 11:01

    I had to face with tough decision in my life when I had to choose a specialization of study.

  • Ola
    2015-02-16 11:01

    I think every person have to face tough decisions sometimes. It happens when we realize that we got a lot to lose. It's not so easy to make a correct decisions in life ;)

  • GG
    2015-02-16 11:02

    Daily I face problems in my learning English.

  • Paulina
    2015-02-16 11:12

    Yes, my first faced a tough decision in my life was been a moved in with my boyfrend.

  • Kate
    2015-02-16 11:24

    i faced tough decision in my life everyday

  • Anonimowy ktos
    2015-02-16 11:31

    Last year i faced a though decission. My girlfriend (now ex)
    betrayaled me with othey guy. I fired her. Now I'm happy.

  • Maja
    2015-02-16 11:42

    I always faces a tough decision in my life, go to work or stay in my bed.

  • Olga
    2015-02-16 11:46

    Yes, I have. I had to face with my weeding day and all of the bride plans.

    My window faces east, so every day I'm greeted with sun rays.

  • Kacper
    2015-02-16 11:49

    When I was young, I must to face with my the most terrible nightmare - spiders.

  • gosia
    2015-02-16 11:54

    Yes like everybody I had to face a tough decision. Last time it was when I decided to break up with my boyfriend. Now I can say it was good decision.

  • darlinn
    2015-02-16 11:56

    I've got to face the truth and solve this problem.

  • Barbara H.
    2015-02-16 12:16

    1. I have to face a big problem with my sister.
    2. My house faces big green trees.

  • Ewelina
    2015-02-16 12:19

    Yes. In June I had to face a hard decision about the univeristy. I had to choose where I want to study.

    1. We had to face a though decision.
    2. Our hotel room faces west.

  • Weronikka
    2015-02-16 12:21

    Yes, I had to face a tough decision. This decision concerned place of residence.

  • Job
    2015-02-16 12:32

    I face to new experience in my job.

  • Kate
    2015-02-16 13:07

    I must stand face to face my English... :/
    My kitchen faces south.

  • Adek
    2015-02-16 13:08

    1) Yes, I had face a tough decision. I did not know which flavor of chips choose, onion or paprika.
    2) My room window faces east.

  • Karolina
    2015-02-16 13:10

    1. Yes, I have faced a though decision in my life. I think that family's or friends' support is very helpful when we have to face any difficulties.
    2. During the winter holidays, I stayed at a cosy apartment house facing mountains.

  • Dominika
    2015-02-16 13:21

    Yes I faced a tough decision last year when I had to make a choice of study.

  • Olga
    2015-02-16 13:30

    I faced a tough decision about my moving to another city.

  • s.
    2015-02-16 14:25

    Over the last year I made three very brave decisions that completely changed my life .

  • Patrzi
    2015-02-16 14:38

    Next week I didn't pass the exam and today I had to face a clinical chemistry again.

  • Natalia
    2015-02-16 14:38

    Yes, I had to face the decision to resign from a summer job.

  • Patrzi
    2015-02-16 14:41

    Last week I didn't pass the exam and today I had to face a clinical chemistry again.

  • Joanna
    2015-02-16 14:43

    Today I had to face a difficult decision.
    My kitchen faces north

  • MaciekB
    2015-02-16 14:50

    I had to face a very important decision, which was removal.
    My telescope faces Proxima Centauri.

  • Monika
    2015-02-16 15:05

    Last week I had to face a very tough decision in my life about my future.

  • Kuba
    2015-02-16 15:06

    Everyone will face adult life

  • Beata Borowska
    2015-02-16 15:07

    I have to face this challenge and start learning English.
    I'm not lying face in the mirrow.

  • Natalia
    2015-02-16 15:17

    I had to face a tought decison a couple time in my life. I supposed have same decions in next time.

  • Max Frank
    2015-02-16 15:41

    In July I will face a tough decision in my life. Should I stay in Poland or should I leave my country and try living in UK?

  • Jadwiga
    2015-02-16 15:46

    1. Three days ago I had to face a tough decision - I had a blood test, and I really afraid of needles.
    2. I don't like to be in a face a tough decision.
    3. My bedroom window faces south.

  • BeataBeata
    2015-02-16 15:49

    Life is full of situations that we have to face. Personally I had to face a tough decision not long time ago.

  • Jowita
    2015-02-16 15:55

    Yes, I have faced a tough decision in my life. It was to select the place where I will study. I think it was important because it proves about my future and development opportunities.

  • Kasia
    2015-02-16 16:12

    Many times I had to face a tough decision.

  • godik21
    2015-02-16 16:19

    yes i had faced a tough decision a lot of time in my life.

  • Justyna
    2015-02-16 16:34

    1. A few years ago I had to face and I go to work to stranger city.
    2. At the moment I face to my computer.

  • DD
    2015-02-16 16:51

    I like to face new challenges.

  • krzysisek
    2015-02-16 17:02

    Yes, I have. When I worked in my last job, I must face with tough decision: quit a job or carry on. I opt for first option, and I don't be disappointet with it.

  • W
    2015-02-16 17:30

    I have faced a thought decision in my life. It was before my first job.

  • Maria S.
    2015-02-16 17:31

    Yes. I had to face a hard decision last weekend. I had to consider a proposition of new job.

    In the afternoon my bedroom is very warm because it faces south side.

    It's wonderful when Spring is coming and you can start to face new challenges.

  • Yolla
    2015-02-16 17:32

    I had to face monday.
    My room faces east.

  • Ilona
    2015-02-16 17:54

    I had to face one touhg decision in my life, I had to decide do I want to live abroad.

  • Ula
    2015-02-16 17:57

    I faced a tough decision when I chose field of study.

  • Sandra
    2015-02-16 18:04

    I face to difficulties every day.

  • Basia :)
    2015-02-16 18:05

    I've never had to face difficult decisions.

  • monika
    2015-02-16 18:13

    My bedroom faces east.

  • LD
    2015-02-16 18:17

    When I finished high school, I had to make up my mind what I want to do in the future. Probably, I was too young to realize the fact, that what kind of studies i choose, will strongly influence on my life. Now, when I look back, I know, that it was one of the most difficult decision which I had to face. Did I choose right way...?

  • woldo
    2015-02-16 18:19

    My room faces west and I often see sunset.

  • Szymon
    2015-02-16 18:46

    I was facing a tough decision, when I had to change a study direct.
    I faced a tough decision in 2014.

    I face north, when I wake up every day.
    I faced my collegue in my work yeterday.

  • Ania
    2015-02-16 18:56

    I have to face difficult decisions every day. All the time I have to choose sone way, make decisions. Sometimes it's very hard to choose the best solusion, but I always try do it.

  • Daniel Cichor
    2015-02-16 19:03

    I've never not faced with a difficult decision, and in its place I would never do

  • Ol aka ka
    2015-02-16 19:07

    Lately, i had to face a choice in which school i would like to go after my graduation

  • Daria
    2015-02-16 19:13

    I had faced a tough decision because I had to broken up with my boyfriend.

  • Daniel P
    2015-02-16 19:34

    There comes a point in life, where we have undertake to face tough decision, the right decision. That may affect our future.

  • mater00
    2015-02-16 19:52

    I think that everybody have to face tough decision every each year. My last tough decision was to start do exercises, but I was started to do and still have it every day workouts.

  • Kasia B
    2015-02-16 19:57

    calm down :) always face to light side of life :D

  • Ada
    2015-02-16 19:57

    I had to face, when I chose a specialization my studies.

  • Kat Rud
    2015-02-16 20:24

    Yes, I have. I was determined to stay calm in the face of my mother-in-law :)

  • Arleta
    2015-02-16 20:56

    Yes, I have faced a tough decision. When I was supposed to choose where I want to study. I had choice between two cities, I wanted to study in certain city but my application was rejected. Finally I decided to choose second one. It was a very tough decision.

    2015-02-16 20:59

    I always to face sth on my live.

  • Karolina
    2015-02-16 21:17

    1. I had to face a decision about starting studies.
    2. I had to face him, when he talk to me very aggressively.

  • Damian
    2015-02-16 21:47

    Every man every day must to face life. Some people work others learn. But each have different problems. Some people earn too small money and sustain family is hard , others are ill , lonely, have addictions. That is life. Anyway head to up , will good. :)

  • Bartek Es
    2015-02-16 21:48

    Five years ago, My dad had to face a very hard disease.

  • Kamil K
    2015-02-16 21:50

    I faced tough decision by staying in my country because I want to spend my life here.

  • Ania
    2015-02-16 22:02

    I need to face with my problems every day, find solution and never give up.

  • Borsuk
    2015-02-16 22:09

    Huge ice mountain was face to us. We didn't realize seriousness of case. We had to face a situation.

  • Aga
    2015-02-16 22:15

    I face a heavy training three times per week.

  • ala
    2015-02-16 22:22

    After winter-holiday, I must to face sth with difficult things. I'm afraid it

  • Laura
    2015-02-16 22:24

    To face sth problems

  • Łukasz
    2015-02-16 22:32

    Yes, a few times I've had faced a tough decision in my life.

  • Ewelina A
    2015-02-16 22:34

    I have faced a tough decision in my life when I was looking for a suitable college for me.

  • Wercia
    2015-02-16 22:37

    I face work each day.

  • Gosia
    2015-02-16 23:05

    Every day I face my boss and I try to explain him why I am the best worker he has.

  • Magda
    2015-02-16 23:18

    I have ever faced a tough decision in your life. My bus was late. I was hurry on egzamination. Late was not indicated. I didn't know wait on bus or order a taxi. I have good luck. My friend called for me. He took me on egzamination.

  • Kasia.P.
    2015-02-16 23:31

    I'm face the door.

  • Lidia Allaf
    2015-02-16 23:39

    I always thought that there is nothing like tough decision. And now I have to face a tough decision, leave Poland or stay here.

  • Anna
    2015-02-16 23:45

    I faced a tough decision few times in my life. It was so difficult but I managed it.

  • 😃
    2015-02-17 00:32

    I had to face with tough decision in my life, when I must choose a university.

  • AnKa
    2015-02-17 00:33

    I have to face the scientific work.
    Often comes face to face with the boss.
    Building where I work is face the park

  • Gosia87
    2015-02-17 01:02

    Once, I faced a tough decision in my life. It was a decision about leave my previous life and start with something new, something unknown. It wasn't easy, but now I know it was a good decision :)

  • Gosia87
    2015-02-17 01:06

    Once, I had face a tough decision in my life. It was a decision about leave my previous life and start with something new, something unknown. It wasn't easy, but now I know it was a good decision :)

  • Patty Q
    2015-02-17 02:57

    I think that everyone faced a tough decision in his life. I did too. Not only once unfortunately.

  • Martyna
    2015-02-17 08:41

    After studies I had to face to find a job.

  • MagdalenaW.
    2015-02-17 08:53

    I face challenges every day.

  • Bożena
    2015-02-17 09:01

    After her son sustained many injuries in a car accident, she had to face a tough decision about her nine-to-five-desk job. She quited and moved in with her parents to have abilities to care for her son.

  • Raczek
    2015-02-17 09:04

    The last semester just started. I have to face my thesis.

  • Tiili
    2015-02-17 09:06

    I had to face a new situation in my life.

  • Ewela Z.
    2015-02-17 09:21

    Yes of course. However, I am my work to face up to difficult issues and to intervene in cases where society needs to help

  • Aaa.
    2015-02-17 10:14

    I like people who to pursue a goal.

  • Karolina
    2015-02-17 10:49

    I had to face a difficult decison, when I must choose direction of my study.

  • Monika
    2015-02-17 14:50

    I faced a tough decision, when I had to choose my present course of study.

  • Kateryna Skirska
    2015-02-17 15:10

    In life I had to face with a lot of different decisions. I think a lot of people of my age faced with hard and easy decions. For me it's life experience, that makes me stronger

  • Marta
    2015-02-17 15:37

    Yes, I faced a tought decision in my life. For example, a year ago, I must decided, if should I handed documents on medicin, or I shouldn't. This was one of many tought decision, which must faced.

  • Sayuriss
    2015-02-17 16:00

    I had faced a tough decision in my life. After I have finished school I had to choose a field of study and university. I didn't know who I want become. I had to think about my future.

    Mogłabym użyć zamiast "think about" " think over"? Czyli w sensie przemyśleć, rozważyć: I had to think over my future.

  • MGosia
    2015-02-17 17:21

    1. Yes, I have faced a tough decision in my life several times.
    2. That was very difficult time, but my friends and family were with me and I have given advice.

  • Ziomalka
    2015-02-17 17:53

    I got a new job, so I have to face a new challenge.

  • Karolina
    2015-02-17 19:03

    I have to face tough decision because I soon will be must choose further way of learning

  • Ela
    2015-02-17 19:38

    My bedroom faces east.
    I had to face job loss twice.

  • Danusia
    2015-02-17 19:38

    We had to face a tough decision. It was really hard, but we made it.

  • Maupa
    2015-02-17 20:09

    probably we every day to face a new decision.

  • Ola
    2015-02-17 20:43

    I had to face a trough decisions in my life.

  • Anka
    2015-02-17 21:07

    When we are faced with problems in our work, we have to stand this difficult time.

  • Angelika
    2015-02-17 21:33

    I think that to face my examination in May .

  • Jewka
    2015-02-17 22:16

    Of course,I had to face a thoug decision in my life. This concerned the choice of high-school.
    Morover I'll face a such decision again 'cause I have to decide what field of study is the best for me.

  • Dariah
    2015-02-17 22:52

    Few years ago I had to faced a tough decision. I broke up with my boyfriend with whom I was five years.

  • Urszula
    2015-02-17 23:20

    I faced a though decision in my life last year. I failed exams and I had choice: stay and do the same year again or resign and change all my life. It was dififficult for me but I deal with it. I think that this kind of situtations form our character and after that we are stronger.

  • Inez
    2015-02-17 23:23

    It was taugh decision but I had to face it.

    You should stand face me

  • Barbarella
    2015-02-17 23:25

    Yes, i must to face sth my destination.

  • Helena
    2015-02-18 07:49

    Today I have to face a tough infliction

  • Ania
    2015-02-18 10:49

    I will have school leaving exams in this year and I'm faced a tough decision because I'm forced to decide what I want to do in my life.

  • Agnieszka
    2015-02-18 12:43

    Recently I had to face a tought decision. I had to make a decision do I have to take a loan to buy a flat. I risked

  • Monika
    2015-02-18 14:27

    I will have to face a very difficult exam

  • Kasia
    2015-02-18 15:50

    I have never had to face a tough decision.

  • Justynaa
    2015-02-18 17:20

    I. Yes I had a tough decision. When my friend Monika move out from our flat I had to make a decision about it with who i wanna to live. I had to to face this problem. I decided that I move in with my boyfriend Przemek. It was very good decision, because i love him and we spend a great time together.

  • Lola
    2015-02-18 17:35

    I face this English challenge.

  • Agata
    2015-02-18 22:54

    I know that I will face many trails. Every tough decision will learn me something

  • Justyna
    2015-02-18 23:38

    When my boyfriend moved to England, I've faced a tough decision- stay in Poland or come to England. I decided to come along him.

  • jan
    2015-02-19 08:39

    I had to face a tough decision. I have to face my hard exam. My brother faces to his demanding work. My house is faced north. It was a tough decision but I had to face it.

  • Jacek
    2015-02-19 21:10

    I faced though decision, when i was trying to choose college. I faced main building WUT and decided to stay there.

  • Dzulii
    2015-02-19 21:58

    I have never faced with tough decision and I hope that situation will never change.

  • E-ka
    2015-02-20 14:21

    Everyday we must to face with our problems.Such is life!

  • michal
    2015-02-20 15:33

    Unfortunately I have had to face problems since I finished my study.

  • EPPkA
    2015-02-20 19:11

    Constantly I have to face with my boyfriends disappointments.
    My wish now is face to my love.

  • Jagna
    2015-02-21 09:58

    I could say I face decision almost every day.

  • Artur Kurpiel
    2015-02-21 18:06

    I was to face difficult decision,for exemple choice schools.
    I did ever day to facing problem.

  • ajwon
    2015-02-22 11:58

    yes, I had to face yasterday. I must went to school

  • Ania
    2015-02-22 14:07

    I have to face many problems every day.

  • Patrycja
    2015-02-23 09:32

    Today I had to face to my disadventages like everyday.

  • Jagienka
    2015-02-23 13:26

    Every Monday I have to face a new week.

  • Jz
    2015-02-23 16:37

    I have faced tough decision when I realised that my boyfriend is cheating on me.

    My room faces sunrise.

  • lukas23
    2015-02-24 00:13

    I had to face tough decission a few months ago. It was a problem connected with choosing university.

  • Hanna
    2015-02-24 19:41

    I faced two tough decisions at once 2 years ago and I'm pleased with a result of my decision.

  • Karola
    2015-02-25 09:50

    1) I had to face a tough decision when I wanted to decide for a marriage.
    2) My window faces the east and everyday I enjoy watching the sunrise.

  • ad
    2015-02-26 00:44

    yes, my life this same very tough decision. for example last time the police told me that i must liquidate my indian hemp. it was very terrible but i had to face him and i liquidate the police

  • serek
    2015-03-05 13:49

    it's time to face the truth, I will never be with you.
    James Blunt - You're beautiful

  • krzysiek
    2015-03-05 14:47

    I had to face tough decission few week ego. It was problem with choosing great job.

  • Amator
    2015-03-06 22:28

    I must to face with the society pressure and be better person.

  • Kinga
    2015-03-09 21:11

    I have faeced a though decision in my life when I had to choose the university to study.

  • R
    2015-03-14 16:22

    I had to feace a though decision when I move with my boyfriend.

  • Oskar
    2015-03-15 13:15

    When I was young I had to face a tough decision. I must know how will be look my future, but I don't her see it. Now i know that I have one life so I must do it, I must life full life.

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