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Day 3/30

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2015-02-13 09:54

Good Morning! :)

Hope you’ll have a wonderful FRIDAY! :)
Dzień dobry! Wspaniałego piątku Wam życzę!

Time for DAY 3!
Czas na DZIEŃ 3!

1. to sustain (pronunciation) - to keep in existence, maintain, continue, prolong (utrzymywać, podtrzymywać) The team may not be able to sustain this level of performance. Źródło 
2. to sustain - to provide with necessities or nourishment, provide for (utrzymywać) Our small family business turned into a big company which sustains our whole family now.
3. to sustain - to experience or suffer (doznać) He sustained minor injuries in the car accident.

Question 1: Can you make up or find example sentences with the expression „to sustain”? :) Please write them in your comments below, on Facebook here or on the wall of the event! Try to use the expression in various contexts.

Pytanie 1: Znajdź lub wymyśl przykładowe zdania z wyrażeniem "to sustain". Napisz je w komentarzach poniżej, w grupie na Facebooku tutaj lub na ścianie wydarzenia na Facebooku! Postaraj się użyć wyrażenia w różnych kontekstach!

Dziękujemy, że jesteś z nami! Chcesz wiedzieć jak zarabia BLOG i jak możesz nam pomóc nie płacąc ani złotówki? Sprawdź tutaj!


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  • X X
    2015-04-27 12:26

    John's father-in-law sustained his family working as a pornographic actor.

  • Max Frank
    2015-02-13 10:03

    It will be easier to sustain myself when I move to London finally.

  • Patrycja Kinga
    2015-02-13 10:03

    This machine have a goal to sustain him live.

  • Magda S
    2015-02-13 10:11

    For many centuries men had been main breadwinner of their families, but nowadays women and men sustain their families.

  • Aaa.
    2015-02-13 10:11

    Sometimes only one of parents must sustain whole family.

  • Ewa
    2015-02-13 10:27

    I sustained a lot of injures of my body when I had got a car accident three years ago.

  • Olga
    2015-02-13 10:32

    This relationship is only sustains by one side.
    When I move in into your house, there will be sustain tidness in the living room.
    She sustained a shock when she saw her broken mirror. (bo dziś piątek 13-go ;) )

  • Łukasz
    2015-02-13 10:33

    He sustained a headstroke when he was lying on the beach.
    The respirator sustains his life.

  • Karolina
    2015-02-13 10:37

    When my dad was building shelves I had to sustain some parts.

  • Ola
    2015-02-13 10:38

    1. Banks in the Republic are expected to sustain strong earnings growth momentum for the final quarter of 2014.
    2. Two youths sustain bullet injuries in gang war.
    3. I'm not sure this game can sustain itself for long

  • Magda
    2015-02-13 10:44

    I'm not able to sustain my family, because I earn very little.

  • Justyna
    2015-02-13 10:50

    I want to sustain a constant weight.

  • Barbara H.
    2015-02-13 10:50

    I must work hard so that sustain our family.

  • Maja
    2015-02-13 10:52

    I try to sustain my good mood whole day

  • Kundzia
    2015-02-13 10:52

    1. My father has to sustain the whole family.
    2. Two years ago I sustained an injury head.

  • Agata
    2015-02-13 10:55

    Since I moved out from my family home I must sustain myself

  • Agnieszka Opas
    2015-02-13 10:57

    1. My mother always sustain us a food for our cycling tours.
    2. Anna sustained a shock when she saw her ex-husband.

  • Paulina
    2015-02-13 11:00

    I'm looking for a way to sustain my family.

  • Dzooj
    2015-02-13 11:01

    With my small salary I'm not able to sustaine my whole family.
    It was a miracle that he could walk after the injuries he sustained in the accident.
    I would like to sustaine freindships I've made at highschool.

  • Monika
    2015-02-13 11:05

    I have sustained my body in the same condition for few years.

  • Paulina
    2015-02-13 11:08

    I sustain a high level when I'm dancing.

  • yeye
    2015-02-13 11:09

    I'm the first one. I'm trying to change my job and earn big money to sustain me and my fiancée.

  • Patrycja
    2015-02-13 11:10

    The doctor tried to sustain patient alive.

  • Adek
    2015-02-13 11:14

    1) I am able to sustain driving a car for 5 hours.
    2) I have a great job, so I can sustain myself.
    3) I sustained a big love, when I met my girlfriend.

  • Patrycja A.
    2015-02-13 11:17

    Political support for such a program would be difficult to sustain.
    How do we know if he has sustained a concussion?

  • Weronikka
    2015-02-13 11:18

    He cannot sustain a normal conversation.
    He sustained severe head injuries.

  • Emilka
    2015-02-13 11:19

    to sustain a fit figure should eat a healthy diet

  • Iza
    2015-02-13 11:25

    1) Good teacher can sustain the student's interest.
    2) Fortunately, no one sustained serious injures in that car collision.
    3) You have to water your plant every day to sustain it, otherwise it will die.

  • Roxi
    2015-02-13 11:31

    I decided to sustain my family from my own business and now I'm very rich :)
    You shouldn't let your language skills sustain on the same level, you should work hard to improve them.
    He fell off the roof and sustained a lot of injuries.
    She sustained a lot of happiness during holiday in Egypt.

  • lulu
    2015-02-13 11:34

    I to sustain often talk with my friends.
    I would to sustain their provisions.

  • Daniela
    2015-02-13 11:35

    We need food and water in order to sustain life.

  • Patka
    2015-02-13 11:35

    1) My parents sustain me and my two brothers.
    2) When i saw my boyfriend with my friend- Lili, I stock a shock.

  • Madlen
    2015-02-13 11:36

    My company has been sustaining a good quality of products for a long time

  • A.
    2015-02-13 11:38

    It is easier to sustain when both of parents have a job.

  • woldo
    2015-02-13 11:40

    My dog is very expensive to sustain.

  • Maciek N.
    2015-02-13 11:42

    Legia will be not able to sustain first position the league.
    Today sun shines, great sustained felling

  • Ada
    2015-02-13 11:44

    I must sustain family tradition, so I'll be a doctor.

  • Monika J
    2015-02-13 11:44

    They sustained working abroad as long as possible.

  • ewa
    2015-02-13 11:46

    I try to sustain a better english level in the future

  • PaulinaKA
    2015-02-13 11:48

    1 ) If I want to sustain slimness, I will do regular workout.
    2 ) My own bussines sustained huge disaster.

  • Paula
    2015-02-13 11:49

    1. I don't have to sustain our family.
    2. Only he can sustain her alive.

  • Kacper
    2015-02-13 11:51

    I must to sustain my condition, competitions coming soon.

  • Basia :)
    2015-02-13 11:52

    I'm looking for a job to sustain myself.

  • Karolina
    2015-02-13 11:56

    1. It's irresponsible to walk on frozen lakes because too thin ice may not sustain your weight.
    2. I adore watching films which sustain my inderest and excitement to the end.

  • Justyna
    2015-02-13 11:58

    1. I am not able to maintain good health without a cup of coffee.
    3. Thank God after the accident we didn't sustain any injuries.

  • Jadwiga
    2015-02-13 12:01

    1. Regular workouts can help you to sustain in good health and good form.
    2. If you learn some new English words, you can sustain a good level of proficiency English.
    3. If you sustain an injury, it means you are injured.

  • daga
    2015-02-13 12:09

    I need to sustain my family because my husband lost job.

  • Igor
    2015-02-13 12:11

    1. A year ago on a Marathon in my birth city was was not able to sustain the pace of my friend from Running team but in this year I think to overtake him.
    2. When I first saw a Horror movie I didn't been six years old so I've been terrified and couldn't
    get to sleep. To this day I remember a sustains of that night.

  • Monika
    2015-02-13 12:17

    My parents to sustain me.

  • Gresiek7
    2015-02-13 12:18

    I try to sustain high level performance in my work to avoid losing my job.

    She sustains a lot of new experience after merriage.

  • Karolina
    2015-02-13 12:27

    1.My aunt has to sustain her family, because my uncle has a disability.

    2.She sustained injuries,because she had an accident.

  • Alicja
    2015-02-13 12:28

    I can't sustain this noise

  • Karolina
    2015-02-13 12:34

    1.I must sustain my figure to summer.
    2.I sustain a lot of happiness when I was with my friends.

  • Ewela Z.
    2015-02-13 12:35

    I would like to sustain books in library on next week.
    Together with my family sustain good relationship
    How do I know if Ana has sustained a allergic attack

  • Maksiu :)
    2015-02-13 12:38

    You may think it's easy to sustain your family by dealing drugs. However, it's not as easy as you think. I met people who wanted to kill me. I sustained many injuries because of my proffession. It's so stressful.

  • Dominika
    2015-02-13 12:49

    I try to sustain good relations with my friends

  • Olga
    2015-02-13 12:54

    I didin't sustain my weight because I ate too much chocolate :)

    A few years ago I had an accident but fortunately I didin't sustain seriuos injueries

  • Mateusz Zet
    2015-02-13 13:05

    Today I Have sustained alive bean sprouts and now i will be ging to sow them in my lab.

  • Dominika
    2015-02-13 13:08

    I don't want to sustain my level of English, I want to improve it!
    The goalkeeper sustained no injury during the last match.
    It is difficult to sustain the whole family.

  • Aga
    2015-02-13 13:08

    I sustain my physical condition on very high level by dint of everyday exercises.

  • Asia
    2015-02-13 13:11

    I'm not working because I'm studying so my parents sustain me.

  • ADA
    2015-02-13 13:30

    a) I'm sustaining by myself.
    b) Fortunately, I have never sustained a serious injury.

  • Si
    2015-02-13 13:31

    I sustain contacts with my friend who lives on another continent.

    2015-02-13 13:32

    My father sustains whole family
    I want sustain good grades

  • emka
    2015-02-13 13:33

    1. I sustained amazing emotions in my wedding day!
    2. My husband works and he sustains our family

    2015-02-13 13:34

    I must work all the time because I must to sustain oneself.

  • Vio la
    2015-02-13 13:35

    I'm trying to sustain good health of my hair.

  • Asia
    2015-02-13 13:35

    I sustain my family, because I have a job.

  • Damian
    2015-02-13 13:40

    I try to sustain contact with my old friends .

  • AN
    2015-02-13 13:44

    In this circumstances you can sustain me with just being around.

  • Robert Mesjasz
    2015-02-13 13:45

    I still sustain contact with my friends old years.

  • Paulina.
    2015-02-13 13:50

    my father to sustain a family he works

  • Anulika
    2015-02-13 13:50

    She still sustain that it was a true.
    We have to be able to sustain the consensus, which is conditions for sustainable growth.

  • BartekB
    2015-02-13 14:11

    Due to issue identified on server, Linux team is not able to sustain service any more.

  • Karola
    2015-02-13 14:20

    1) Our company enjoys a good image and trust among the customers that's why we would like to sustain the quality of our services and products.
    2) He sustained the amazing relief after telling the truth.
    3) I don't imagine sustaining the whole family by myself without any support of my spouse.

  • Maria S.
    2015-02-13 14:26

    1. Many people in the world sustained a miracle in Guadalupe.
    2. The doctors sustain a woman in her life after difficult operation.
    3. I hope my studies will sustain me a good job in the future.

  • Aneta_79
    2015-02-13 14:28

    | can't sustain this cold.

  • Magda
    2015-02-13 14:34

    Car has sustained a small demage during the accident

  • Olga Małgorzata
    2015-02-13 14:35

    There wasn't enough water to sustain them.

  • fantasmagoria
    2015-02-13 14:35

    I can't sustain ugly weather during holiday.
    Due to carcinoma , he needed sustained therapy.

  • aska p
    2015-02-13 14:36

    We need to sustain this result by the end of the match.

  • Guziczek
    2015-02-13 14:37

    I always try to sustain my body fit!
    I sustained a shock when my boyfriend told me that he stopped loving me.

  • Madzialena
    2015-02-13 14:45

    I must to sustain clearness in my room.
    When I bring maquette in 209 chamber, must I to sustain maguette in the lift, because this maquette is always in 613 chamber.
    I want to suntain big happiness.

  • Perdono Łakaszikamakafo Fristajlo
    2015-02-13 14:46

    Every free time I have to offer many kinds of Multiplas for sold, because it helps me to sustain my whole family.

  • Magda Wierzb
    2015-02-13 14:48

    I still sustain contact with me previous husband.

  • Szulek
    2015-02-13 14:51

    I've passed my B2 exam recently and I'd like to sustain level of my English. I hope, this course help me with it :) I'd like to participate in other courses but I haven't enough money for it ( I have to sustain myself on study)

  • Tomek
    2015-02-13 14:51

    I will sustain my motivation for earning money
    some phrases sustain me in hope at succeed

  • Magkal
    2015-02-13 14:55

    During my internship on Neonatal Ward I had opportunity to observe how midwives strove to sustain in a life newborn baby.

  • Mati
    2015-02-13 15:06

    I sustain healthy life style for very long time.

  • Ela S
    2015-02-13 15:10

    His business strategy is hard to sustain.
    I can sustain success in this new year!
    How can I sustain my breath underwater?

  • Ewelina
    2015-02-13 15:11

    1. My parents still sustain me because I am a student and I don't have a time to go for work.

    2. I try to sustain a contact with my friend from high school.

    3. Doctors want to sustain their patient alive.

    4. He sustained a lot of injuries in the car accident.

    5. The team may not be able to sustain this level of performance.

    6. Our small family business turned into a big company which sustains our whole family now.

  • Gosia
    2015-02-13 15:11

    My mother try to sustain my older brother.

  • Monika P
    2015-02-13 15:17

    In order to sustain your good relationship you should call her at least once a week.

  • xyz zxy
    2015-02-13 15:17

    I sustain to my family .

  • Kinga
    2015-02-13 15:24

    My mother sustains our house in clean every day.

  • Ilona
    2015-02-13 15:26

    My father used to sustain whole family when I was a child.

    The old traditions are hard to sustain in our times.

    Nobody should sustain a poverty.

  • Natalia
    2015-02-13 15:27

    I still susitain contact with my friends from high school.

  • kogg
    2015-02-13 15:29

    That's not easy to sustain my mind tuned and ready to work.

  • Ewka
    2015-02-13 15:43

    When I was a child my father was a breadwinner. He sustained our whole family - me, my sister, my mother and himself.

  • Natalia
    2015-02-13 15:47

    1. I sustaining a lot of love from my Mom during all my live.
    2. I try sustain my body in good condition all the time.

  • M M
    2015-02-13 16:03

    I try to sustain a good contact with my friends

  • Marzena
    2015-02-13 16:03

    I must run a lot of, because I want sustain my good figure.
    I sustained a real pleasure not long ago.

  • Mikołaj L
    2015-02-13 16:05

    1) My family is being sustained by my parents.
    2) He sustained a lot of pain when he had broken a leg.

  • Marta T.
    2015-02-13 16:07

    I very want sustain my current weight because I worked very hard everyday for it.

  • Agnieszka M
    2015-02-13 16:24

    I don"t understand people that are sustained by they parents.
    I feel like we can sustain high level at that buisness meeting.

  • KoKo
    2015-02-13 16:26

    1. My si ster goes jogging every morning, because she want sustain good condition.
    2. We will sustain good level provided that we will be hard working.

  • sylwester
    2015-02-13 16:28

    I would like to sutain my good performance from last couple weeks to get promotion witch my team.

  • Tiili
    2015-02-13 16:31

    To sustain longevity you have to evolve.

  • Aniela
    2015-02-13 16:37

    I moved to another country to sustain my family.

    The whole purpose of the ecosystem is to sustain life.

  • Kuba
    2015-02-13 16:57

    I must sustain my English level, and try to develop language skills.

  • Malwina
    2015-02-13 16:59

    My friend doesn't sustain contact with me.

  • Monika
    2015-02-13 17:00

    He wants to sustain this level of living but it is very difficult for him, because he was fired.

  • Asia
    2015-02-13 17:03

    I sustain myself with painting nails.
    I wanted to sustain a good streak but unfortunately I didn't pass my exam with stochastic method.

  • karo
    2015-02-13 17:11

    My father sustains our small family.

  • Sandra
    2015-02-13 17:27

    I am sustained by my mother.

  • Karolina
    2015-02-13 17:38

    I sustain good contacts with my family and friends.

  • Marta S.
    2015-02-13 17:47

    1. Apparatus sustains sick in existence.
    2. She sustained a lot of happy instant.

  • krzysiek
    2015-02-13 17:58

    We're going to sustain a good quality of ours products.

  • Wojciu
    2015-02-13 18:05

    I believe I'll have enough money and power to sustain my family.
    I would like to sustain a good contact with all of my friends.

  • Blablacar
    2015-02-13 18:06

    I wish I could sustain my weight

  • Roza
    2015-02-13 18:08

    Jane sustains a good relation with grandmother beacous she sustains her.
    I sustain good and bad emotion every day.

  • be pe
    2015-02-13 18:10

    It's not easy to sustain hi-life for students.

  • Kacha
    2015-02-13 18:11

    1) I must sustain my little sister.
    2) My uncle sustain injury of the leg, when he must help a little girl.

  • Agata
    2015-02-13 18:21

    I have sustained for last week that I will be learn english language every day.

  • Martyna
    2015-02-13 18:37

    I sutained a Schock becouse I saw a car accident.

  • Monika
    2015-02-13 18:43

    Every day i traing to sustain order on my watch.

    I found a little cat and sustain him alive.

  • Aga
    2015-02-13 18:43

    I must hard to lern because I want sustain my good grades

  • Ziomalka
    2015-02-13 18:44

    I do not like when someone calls me or writes and then does not sustain a conversation.

  • mmm
    2015-02-13 18:56

    When i was a student my brother helped me and had sustained me for long time my study.

  • Iwona D.
    2015-02-13 19:18

    1. My aunt broken leg and she needed sustained sick leave.
    2. Tom has to sustain all familly.

  • Arleta
    2015-02-13 19:27

    1. My brother has problems to sustain his family due to small salary.
    2. Teachers in my city would like to sustain one of our schools which is going to be closed.
    3. My boyfriend was stabbed with a knife and he sustained serious injuries.
    4. Company will sustain its activity despite some financial problems.

  • Daniel P
    2015-02-13 19:35

    At Easter I try to sustain a family tradition>

    I'm trying to sustain a conversation with british people, that my English is not so weak.

  • Marcin
    2015-02-13 19:37

    I can't sustain her behaviour any longer - she seems to be a total jerk.

  • W
    2015-02-13 19:38

    I need to sustain alone

  • Kamil
    2015-02-13 19:46

    I want to sustain my marks.

  • Beata Borowska
    2015-02-13 19:50

    He was looking into my eyes and sustained the untruth.
    I will try to sustain our conversation till the morning lights.
    I think she sustained a concussion.

  • Laura
    2015-02-13 19:52

    Sustain contacts with friends

  • ala k
    2015-02-13 19:57

    Now, everybody is ill, but I want to sustain my health <3

  • Jowita
    2015-02-13 19:58

    The baby was born in seventh month pregnant so only medical equipment can sustain him alive.

  • BeataBeata
    2015-02-13 20:00

    Too many young people are sustained by their parents.

  • Ellie
    2015-02-13 20:07

    I ought to sustain this challenge for my sake.

  • Dariah
    2015-02-13 20:11

    I don't understand women who are sustain by their husbands.

    When she was 8 sustained huge injury by her parents.

  • S.N
    2015-02-13 20:11

    I try to maintain a good relationship with all my family.
    I dont understand parents who maintain adult children

  • Ola OLA
    2015-02-13 20:18

    I would like to sustain my previous life.
    I sustained unpleasant surprise two days ago.

  • Kasia.P
    2015-02-13 20:26

    The meaning of the word "to soustain" in Polish is utrzymywać,podtrzymywać.

  • Danioel Cichor
    2015-02-13 20:34

    I'm smart and keeps the family

  • Agnieszka Z.
    2015-02-13 20:36

    1. She sustained had injury before broken leg in the railway accident.
    2. These sources can help sustain functions and activities in nursery school.
    3. My husband's work sustains our family.

  • Dominika
    2015-02-13 20:45

    I sustain a good contact with my parents.

  • Kacper
    2015-02-13 20:56

    I know that I must to sustain good contact with my relatives.

  • Madziaaa
    2015-02-13 20:57

    Adam may be not able to sustain of finance condition.

  • dzulii
    2015-02-13 20:57

    My husband have sustained me since I found job.

  • Asia
    2015-02-13 21:10

    I sustain really good connection with my aunt

  • gosia
    2015-02-13 21:29

    Two columns are needed to sustain this construction.

  • Asia
    2015-02-13 21:37

    I sustained hapiness when my boy declare me.

  • Patrzi
    2015-02-13 21:37

    Today I sustained a big suprice when a postman brought me two Valentine's Day list.

  • Krzysztof P
    2015-02-13 21:44

    I hope I can sustain in this challenge to the end of it.

  • Kat Rud
    2015-02-13 21:45

    The team may not be able to sustain this level of performance.
    The money he received was hardly enough to sustained a wife and five children.
    She later died in hospital of injuries sustained in the accident.

  • Borsuk
    2015-02-13 21:46

    When I traveled to London I sustained car accident. I Spent 3 weeks i hospital, met a lot of interesting people. Now I sustani contact with them.

  • Gosia
    2015-02-13 21:48

    I try to sustain good mood all day. :)

  • lukasz t.
    2015-02-13 22:01

    I sustain myself from my own earned money.

  • N.
    2015-02-13 22:01

    I want to sustain good grades in college.

  • mK
    2015-02-13 22:06

    She sustains fatal injuries.

  • Justice
    2015-02-13 22:17

    Taylor Swift still sustains first place in ranking of best pop song in USA.

  • Gosia K
    2015-02-13 22:19

    When I was a young my parents sustained me.
    I try sustain contact with my friends form the University.

  • Ewelina A
    2015-02-13 22:28

    1. My young brother sustained injuries in the motorcycle accident when he was nineeten years.
    2. My team is sustain at a constant level of play.

  • Ola
    2015-02-13 22:34

    My husband must sustain our family.
    I want to sustain good relations with my mum.
    When one person sustain a family, he or she have many work.
    He had accident and sustained head wound.

  • Patrycja
    2015-02-13 22:46

    I sustained exciting feelings when I tried bungy jumping

  • Dominik
    2015-02-13 22:46

    1. I'm not shure that I could sustain my family with this debt in francs.
    2. After illness I haven't been able to sustain my form on the gym.

  • mater00
    2015-02-13 22:46

    My bride sustain me to be good man.

  • Krzychu
    2015-02-13 22:53

    Our group can sustain sowing new, bright ideas in our communities.

  • Bartek Es.
    2015-02-13 22:54

    I to sustain my weight everyday.

  • AnKa
    2015-02-13 22:59

    She is able to sustain by oneself because she have good job

  • Ania
    2015-02-13 23:00

    I sustain contact with many people from different countries because I want to know the cultural diversity of nations.

  • Jewka
    2015-02-13 23:03

    My mom have to suspain my brother because he lost a job.

    Me and my husband sustain family tradition and have 3 kids.

    I had suspained lucid dream recently.

  • Lidia Allaf
    2015-02-13 23:06

    Can the bridge sustain the weight of this truck?
    My husband sustain our family.

  • Asia KL.
    2015-02-13 23:07

    I want to sustain good relation with my friends.

  • Andzia
    2015-02-13 23:09

    I sustain contact with the family.
    I sustain a break in an accident.

  • Michał W
    2015-02-13 23:19

    Today I sustained a shock when I was told I'll have the baby. I think this state will sustain a long time :)

  • milena
    2015-02-13 23:20

    My parents sustain me

  • Patty Q
    2015-02-13 23:21

    I cannot sustain my family because my paycheck is to small.

  • Monika
    2015-02-13 23:23

    I eat healthy food and do exercises to sustain my weight.

  • Anna
    2015-02-13 23:32

    My parents sustain my sister.

  • Gosia
    2015-02-13 23:38

    My body is sustained in good conditions for 3 years.

  • kryniak
    2015-02-13 23:42

    I hope me to keep sustain high motivation to learn english

  • Dżesika
    2015-02-13 23:48

    I can't sustain this cold.

  • beti
    2015-02-14 00:02

    Each of us when is adult must to sustain your family

  • AgaK
    2015-02-14 00:07

    1) I hope my daughter may by able to sustain so good grades in the next semester.
    2) I do exercise to lose weight and I would like to sustain this level of effort for a long time.
    3) Tom can't find job and his wife sustains our whole family.
    4) I had an accident last winter and I sustained psychological trauma. I couldn't drive my car for a very long time.

  • ania
    2015-02-14 00:13

    I can't sustain a good grades in school because I'm lazy

  • Helena
    2015-02-14 00:49

    Today I sustain the glare:)

  • Grzesiek
    2015-02-14 02:50

    When you go to meeting other people you avoid eating onion earlier cause smells sustaine long time.

  • Justyna
    2015-02-14 03:07

    I'm 18 and I'm going to move to a bigger city soon, so I hope I'll find a job and finally be able to sustain myself.

  • Marta
    2015-02-14 08:24

    The whole purpose of the ecosystem is to sustain life.

  • Justz
    2015-02-14 12:04

    My dad's company sustains our whole family.

    Kamil Stoch sustains his high level from the last season and won every single contest.

    Soldiers in Iraq sustains mamy dangerous injuries.

  • Paulina
    2015-02-14 12:04

    Next year I'm going to finish my studies. I hope I'll find a good yob and I can sustain myself and my family

  • Danusia
    2015-02-14 12:11

    Nowaday it's really hard to sustain yourself than 20 years ago. A lot of people work hard even 16 hours per day.

  • Carmen
    2015-02-14 12:19

    My dad sustains our family because he only works.

  • sdfa
    2015-02-14 13:37

    I want to sustaine contact with my family

  • DaMa
    2015-02-14 13:42

    1. I have to sustain myself and my sisters.

    2. We need to sustain the right level of military resources.

  • Wercia
    2015-02-14 14:04

    I still sustain familiarity with my friends from high school.
    I have to sustain the ladder when my friend comes after it.

  • czarek
    2015-02-14 14:24

    i'd like to sustain contact with all my friends after school.
    i try to sustain a good learning level in my class.
    i wonder if be able to sustain speed of my car on this level.

  • Kasia
    2015-02-14 15:26

    I sustain a break in an accident.

  • Marta OOO
    2015-02-14 16:37

    I sustained an injury during I was skiing last winter.
    I'm adult person. I must sustain by myself.

  • Mery
    2015-02-14 16:52

    My school is sustained by my father.

  • Marta
    2015-02-14 17:16

    When he came in my room, I sustained huge suprise

  • Justyna D
    2015-02-14 18:24

    I will be good to sustain the debvelopment of my softskill to become a team leader in the future.

  • Ania
    2015-02-14 18:33

    My granddad wanted to have son, becouse boy could sustain our tribe. Unfortunately, he have three daughters ;)

    It's easy to live in big city when your parents sustain you.

    I don't have any problems with sustain myself, becouse I'm very thrifty person.

    Last year I sustained very dangerous injury in car crash.

  • Gosia87
    2015-02-14 18:41

    I'll sustain my smile on my mouth.

  • Gusiaczka
    2015-02-14 19:06

    My husband sustains our family.

  • bw
    2015-02-14 19:42

    I was excited when my favourite team sustained the result from last seson.

  • Agata
    2015-02-14 19:45

    The headache had sustaind for a long time after brain surgery.

  • Asia
    2015-02-14 19:45

    1. I sustain a contact with my friends from younger years.
    2. He sustained a hand injury.

  • Yolla
    2015-02-14 20:44

    To substain a conversation with a stranger is hard for me.

  • Syka
    2015-02-14 21:08

    1. People in Africa must to sustain in difficult conditions , without food and drink

    2. I can't to sustain a stabile relationship

  • J.
    2015-02-14 21:24

    I am not able sustain my form.
    John is not able to sustain his family.
    My friend sustained severe burns while he was working.

  • Angelika
    2015-02-14 21:55

    This blog sustaining that pass exam maturity.

  • Justyna
    2015-02-14 22:30

    Only hope can sustain someone's life.
    My friend sustained multiple injuries of brain after car accident.

  • Jacek
    2015-02-14 23:00

    I'm sustaining infirmity when i talki in english.

  • Krzysiek
    2015-02-14 23:46

    The leader of team sustain whole team in good moods.
    Sport sustains me on in feeling good.

  • Martyna
    2015-02-15 00:21

    I want to sustain this conversation.

  • Łukasz
    2015-02-15 00:30

    He always sustains a good level in computer games.
    I sustained my dog alive that was very ill.

  • Monika
    2015-02-15 10:16

    We were sustained by his incredible optimism.

  • Karolina
    2015-02-15 10:29

    1. She sustains a lot in the school when she was younger and it sowed a lot of doubts about people in her mind.
    1. She have to sustain herself without any help from her family. She want to sustain herself as independent person.

  • domcios4
    2015-02-15 10:49

    He sustain his family from this small salary.

  • glyzewski
    2015-02-15 13:14

    I want to sustain this Challenge longer than a month and finally learn English.

  • Paweł
    2015-02-15 13:45

    I sustain a good relations with my old friends

  • Kamil K
    2015-02-15 14:27

    I sustain my shape by training everyday.

  • Ania
    2015-02-15 14:32

    I wish to sustain contacts with my friends from past, the relationships are very important in life.

  • Roksana P
    2015-02-15 17:07

    I've sustained a lot of pain since I had car accident. (is it correct?)

  • D.
    2015-02-15 17:31

    My mother sustains my all family.
    It was realy hard to sustain in modern time.

  • Kate
    2015-02-15 17:47

    My brother to sustain good condition in raning.
    I sustained my family when my husband lose work five years ago.

  • Szymon
    2015-02-15 18:14

    I sustain my relationship with my collegue.
    Mike sustains high level of manners.
    My friend's mom sustains his brother on studies.

  • gruby
    2015-02-15 18:17

    I sustain my opinion about religion in schools.

  • Sandra T.
    2015-02-15 18:23

    My friend sustained shock when I passed difficult exam.

  • Agata
    2015-02-15 18:30

    Only machine sustain her alive after this terrible accident.
    I sustain many good things because of you.

  • Ewel-ka
    2015-02-15 19:27

    I sustained a lot of heartbreak.

  • Konrad
    2015-02-15 20:26

    I hope peace in Europe will still sustain, although there are seeds of conflicts sowed in Ukraine.
    But often sustain a status quo don’t lead to anything good.
    A real manly man have to sustain whole family. :D
    At war many of soldiers may sustain serious injuries.

  • Magda
    2015-02-15 21:30

    The respirator sustains my uncles life.

  • Just
    2015-02-15 22:01

    I would like to sustain a good relationship with my ex boyfriend.

  • Tomasz
    2015-02-15 22:29

    I sustain good form in my education.

  • Ania
    2015-02-15 22:51

    I want to sustain my shape that's why I try to exercise every day.

  • Ewa
    2015-02-15 22:57

    1. This means that we have to be able to sustain our current efforts and maintain the right level of millitary resources.
    2. It can, i believe, help to sustain our social systems when times are hard.

  • POP
    2015-02-15 23:49

    In League of Legends I sustain my enemy on line

  • K.
    2015-02-16 10:10

    1. I will sustain my good grades.
    2. My father is the one, who sustain our family.
    3. My friend sustained an injury, when he was playing football.

  • Marek Drozdowicz
    2015-02-16 10:37

    I tried to sustain my erection, but without makeup, she was a serious minger.

  • Monika
    2015-02-16 10:47

    Yes, I sustain I told him that.
    My father was the only person who sustained the whole family.
    The accident was really dangerous - she sustained many fractures and other injuries.

  • Asia
    2015-02-16 11:56

    I still sustain my opinion.
    Do you agree with me that it was impossible to sustain so high level?

  • Karolina
    2015-02-16 13:56

    We have decided to sustain our family tradition and we will continue write poems on presents for each family member for Christmas.

  • Kasia Cool
    2015-02-16 14:41

    In Angry Birds Friends I couldn't sustain myself at gold league.

  • Wojtek S.
    2015-02-16 15:19

    I strive sustain the sysematicity in English learning.

  • Ula
    2015-02-16 17:34

    I sustained many joys from my husband in our marriage.
    My husband sustain our family.
    I must sustain fire in our relationship.

  • Bella
    2015-02-16 18:35

    My mum sustains me, when I faint.

  • Kinga O
    2015-02-16 22:45

    I have to sustain a wife and five children.

    I can't sustain this heat.

    She sustained only minor injuries in the accident.

  • 😃
    2015-02-16 23:56

    I try to sustain my life on good standard.
    I have to sustain all of my family, cause my mother is sick.

  • Marek Drozdowicz
    2015-02-17 01:47

    I tried to sustain my erection, but without makeup, she was a serious minger.

  • Raczek
    2015-02-17 08:52

    After college graduate i had to start sustain myself.

  • Agnieszka
    2015-02-17 12:47

    Many innocent people sustain suffering during the war.

  • Monia
    2015-02-17 14:44

    I want sustain my cats in good form.

    I and my husband sustain in capitol city.

  • Ania
    2015-02-17 15:54

    I'm wondering if I could sustain long term friendship.

  • Małgorzata Działdowska
    2015-02-17 16:42

    1.My husband sustains our family.
    2. I try sustain my body in good condition every day.

  • Urszula
    2015-02-17 22:40

    I would like to sustain my body in good condition.

  • Inez
    2015-02-17 22:49

    If you see he isn't honest w
    ith you you shouldn't longer sustain this relationship.

  • Barbarella
    2015-02-17 23:02

    I whish sustain good friendship.
    You can sustain great fit.
    She should sustain true love

  • Marta
    2015-02-18 11:06

    I wish sustain my weight.

  • Kasia
    2015-02-18 15:24

    My mother sustains me on the studies.

  • Agata M
    2015-02-18 17:26

    I sustain a good level of learning, beacause then I sustain satisfaction of my work.

  • paula
    2015-02-18 20:43

    I promised my friend what i sustain contact with her

  • Patrycja
    2015-02-18 21:15

    I must find a job to sustain my family

  • gregorr
    2015-02-18 21:51

    she must sustain peace in her mind

  • Jan
    2015-02-19 00:27

    I always try to sustain fit. Have you ever susained whole your family?

  • Hania
    2015-02-19 09:14

    1. Susan will be sustain her sister in the next holiday.
    2. I can not sustain this heavy bag.
    3. He sustained a disappointed in his new job.

  • Lady D
    2015-02-19 16:57

    My boyfriend is able to sustain me with him and my little kitty.

  • Artur Kurpiel
    2015-02-19 17:54

    I to sustain talk with girlfriend.

    How do we know if he or she has sunstained s concussion?

  • Iwona
    2015-02-19 19:42

    I have to sustain an apartment so I have to work .

  • pawlo
    2015-02-19 20:34

    I sustain calm

  • ad
    2015-02-20 11:00

    i still sustain with my indian hemp ;)

    i sustain sadness because the birds eat my indian hemp in my garden :(

  • EPPkA
    2015-02-20 14:52

    I try sustain good relationship with really important person in my life.

  • Monia
    2015-02-20 22:37

    1. I did nothing in last year to sustain my English good level.
    2. Money from father's business sustains whole family.

  • Jagna
    2015-02-21 09:12

    There wasn't enough water to sustain them

  • Patrycja
    2015-02-23 09:08

    Every day I sustain a lot of things which change my life.

  • Hgy
    2015-02-23 21:01

    I'm sustaining the flowers alive.

  • Karol
    2015-02-24 19:34

    I want to sustain English level
    When my grandmother died I sutain shock

  • Justyna
    2015-02-25 16:10

    I sustain very good experience when I met my fiance.

  • Zuza
    2015-02-27 14:00

    Pearl Jam sustains my good mood all the time!

  • Daniel T.
    2015-02-28 14:49

    I always sustain schock, when I see her in this suit.

  • Agata
    2015-03-01 22:53

    She sustains that she was her friend.
    My parents sustain me during my studying.
    The racing draver from UK sustained lead and won the race in France.

  • Kinga
    2015-03-03 18:22

    I always try to sustain our family taradition.

  • Kasia B
    2015-03-03 19:38

    I sustains the book in the bibiothek

  • Amator
    2015-03-06 22:37

    I sustain myself leading my company.
    That's a piece of hard work!

  • R
    2015-03-08 11:27

    My weight sustains.

    Mrs.Jones and Mr.Jones sustain their son.

  • R
    2015-03-09 13:28

    I sustain my familly.

  • Oskar
    2015-03-09 13:31

    When i see how my son sustaining good level money in life I am happy.

  • Natalia
    2015-03-09 19:50

    I will sustain this relationship if you want

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