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DAY 16/30

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2015-02-26 10:05

Time for DAY 16! 
Czas na DZIEŃ 16!

leap (pronunciation) - a jump, especially one that is long or high - skok, sus
leap - a sudden increase or improvement - skok, wzrost wartości
leap - a big change in the way you think or in what you do - skok, zmiana
a successful leap from piano class to concert hall; a leap in the company’s profits

Question 1: Be creative! Write an example sentence with the noun „leap”. Please write your answers in your comments below, on Facebook here or on the wall of the event! Try to use the expression in various contexts.

Pytanie 1: Bądź kreatywny! Napisz zdanie z rzeczownikiem „leap”. Napisz swoje odpowiedzi w komentarzach poniżej, w grupie na Facebooku tutaj lub na ścianie wydarzenia na Facebooku! Postaraj się użyć wyrażenia w różnych kontekstach!



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    Nie wiedziałem, że jesteście na "ty"!

    Czy wiedziałeś o tym, że ucząc się języka nie wystarczy uczyć się pojedynczych słówek i reguł gramatycznych oderwanych od kontekstu?
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  • Oskar
    2015-04-02 14:43

    I think that living to england will be a big leap in my English.

  • Karls
    2015-02-26 10:37

    My English will leap after this challenge.

  • Ewelina
    2015-02-26 10:47

    During one year I leaped from amateur to advanced level of guitar, so I am really pround of myself.

  • Max Frank
    2015-02-26 10:52

    There is a huge leap of my English vocabulary since last year.

  • Michcik
    2015-02-26 10:59

    I'm hope that my english leap after this challange.

  • Sylwia
    2015-02-26 11:15

    When I have a good day I leap higher with happiness.

  • Ziomalka
    2015-02-26 11:16

    Maybe in the future it will be possible to leap intergalactic. People will also be able to explore other galaxies and visit the places previously inaccessible to man. :)

  • Adek
    2015-02-26 11:43

    1) To catch up the train I had to do a big leap.
    2) My company has a leap of value.
    3) I had a successfull leap from high school to college.

  • Daga
    2015-02-26 12:02

    I am making some big lepas in my life.

  • S.N
    2015-02-26 12:10

    In recent years, money has shown a big leap.

  • Olka
    2015-02-26 12:19

    It's a little step for human, but a great leap for humankind.

  • Jadwiga
    2015-02-26 12:29

    1. Today, the shares of the company reported a big leap in value.
    2. Medical progress is a big leap for mankind.
    3. Crises can lead to great leaps forward, but only if the necessary courage is there.

    2015-02-26 13:17

    From last year I do a big leap toward increase my earnings
    Today I had leap through gate

  • Gresiek7
    2015-02-26 13:53

    If there will be a war dolar exchange rate leap. Shoul i do it?

    I dream about my english undertanding leap.

  • Karolina
    2015-02-26 13:59

    1. Taking my present job was a kind of a LEAP in the dark for me. I have no idea that it will be so exciting.
    2. When I was walking in the mauntains last summer, I LEAPT over small streams.

  • Justz
    2015-02-26 14:08

    Last year he made a huge leap in his professional life, becouse he get promotted from waiter to the chef of waiter.

  • Paulina
    2015-02-26 14:56

    Everyday I am going to gym and I see to leap in my condition.
    I buy a coin collectors and I wait to leap then I can cash in on them.

  • dd
    2015-02-26 16:13

    I noticed leape price since New Year.
    I think when I will learn regullary word's English my known English leap.

  • gosia
    2015-02-26 16:46

    Goldman Sachs profits leap 50% as bond market takes off

  • Basia :)
    2015-02-26 16:50

    I haven't learnt English every day. It's a huge leap for me.

  • Kinga
    2015-02-26 17:04

    I have still made a big leap with my English.

  • Doma
    2015-02-26 17:13

    In my life I had to take a leap of faith many times.

  • Ola
    2015-02-26 17:55

    Moving from village to city is a big leap.

  • Beata Borowska
    2015-02-26 18:43

    I take great leap into the water.
    It was very huge leap into the future.

  • Seba
    2015-02-26 20:45

    My brother is training leaps to the water.
    After hard training there has been a leap the results.

  • Artur Kurpiel
    2015-02-26 21:21

    Nine-to-five desk a job is leap at my professional gardener.

  • Pioter
    2015-02-26 21:24

    I have to leap a lot of things in my life.

  • MGosia
    2015-02-26 21:25

    1. My grandmother has a pressure leap every day morning.

  • Ela
    2015-02-26 21:42

    Mankind has made a big leap forward in the twentieth century. Cats can do impressive leaps. In the past few years, I have made big leap in thinking about my personal development.

  • mater00
    2015-02-26 22:00

    When my fridge is empty, I must leap to the nearest shop and do shopping :)

  • monika
    2015-02-26 22:04

    Sometimes we need a leap of faith to change our life.

  • Marta OOO
    2015-02-26 22:48

    I have seen a big leap of my level of english from I took place in the challenge ;).

    My brother John can do a long leap.

  • Kat Rud
    2015-02-26 22:49

    Moving away from family to create your own space is a big leap.

  • Borsuk
    2015-02-26 22:55

    I leap my thinking about people from Russia

  • Maria S.
    2015-02-26 23:02

    Women are masters in leap of their opinion.
    When I play with my cat she can do really high leap to get her best toy.

  • Aga
    2015-02-26 23:09

    The movie 'Va bank' is about leap on a bank.
    I decided leap a menu for healthier.

  • Sławek
    2015-02-26 23:19

    After few specialized courses, my skills in work leap greatly.

  • Patrzi
    2015-02-26 23:34

    Every morning I have a terrible leap from my short napping to long sleeping.

  • Dominika
    2015-02-27 10:24

    I hope that my knowledge leap after my study.

  • Justynaa
    2015-02-27 10:45

    I. In a mountain are a lot of dangerous leaps.
    II. My level of english in last time had a big leap.
    III. I should do a big leap associated with my looking for a job.

  • Aneta_79
    2015-02-27 13:46

    A leap day is added to February every four years.

  • Zuza
    2015-02-27 14:35

    I hope that thanks to this experience, my knowledge will leap.

  • sylwia
    2015-02-27 15:02

    I decided to make a leap in my life.
    I saw men who leaped from high build.

  • Jagienka
    2015-02-27 15:45

    I don't expect a huge leap my English knowledge of this challenge but thanks to you I start learning systematic.

  • Amator
    2015-02-27 16:01

    Learning languages is a huge leap in my carrer, not mention to whole life.

  • Asia
    2015-02-27 16:28

    Recently leaped kurs euro. It is very expensive.

    In the next holiday I want leap a bungee

  • Łukasz
    2015-02-27 17:07

    The leap currency was very big and unpredictable.

  • Ania
    2015-02-27 20:15

    Going to a medicine there was a big leap in my life.

  • aneta r
    2015-02-27 22:42

    I promoted a chef in my travel office last year. It was very hudge leap ifor me.

  • AnKa
    2015-02-27 23:03

    For me marriage was a big leap.
    I would like to leap with a parachute.

  • Paulina
    2015-02-28 12:57

    1) When I was young and I learn in primary school, I leaped very high on phisical education.
    2) I must leap wather in this vase because is very dirty.
    3) When I finished studies , my competition leap.

  • Arleta
    2015-02-28 19:14

    1.Value of money in certain country leaped terrible because of overall economic problems.
    2.Time after my bachelor studies was the time of a great leap because I started my work and needed to manage my time in such a way to linked those two.
    3.During bungee jumping each leap you do is higher and higher.

  • Natalia
    2015-03-01 13:51

    I think that living with my boyfriend will be a big leap in our live

  • Gosia87
    2015-03-01 17:28

    A Big leap for me was return to my family home. I never expect that I'll live with my parents again.

  • Ania
    2015-03-01 22:24

    I see that quality of my life leaped, it's much better than before.

  • Ewela Z.
    2015-03-02 20:08

    leap fly on syrupy radsbane
    Crises can lead to great leaps forward, but only if the necessary courage is there.

  • dzulii
    2015-03-02 21:43

    I hope when I finish this challange I will do the huge leap in my english abilities

  • Kamil K
    2015-03-03 20:24

    My shape leaped immediately after I get personal trainer lessons.

  • Maciek N.
    2015-03-07 10:19

    I trail or error leap to next level in game
    Next week I leap to mountains

  • Maupa
    2015-03-08 16:06

    For five years I live with my bboyfriend in flat, so when we break out, live alone is big leap to me.

  • Diana
    2015-03-08 22:18

    The invention of the computer was a big leap for technology.

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