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DAY 12/30

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2015-02-22 09:39

Time for DAY 12!
Czas na DZIEŃ 12!

sane (pronunciation) - reasonable, mentally healthy - rozsądny, rozumny, przy zdrowych zmysłach
The only thing that kept me sane was music.

Question 1: Be creative! Build a sentence with „sane”. Please write your answers in your comments below, on Facebook here or on the wall of the event

Pytanie 1: Bądź kreatywny. Stwórz zdanie z „sane”. Napisz swoje odpowiedzi w komentarzach poniżej, w grupie na Facebooku tutaj lub na ścianie wydarzenia na Facebooku! 



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  • Oskar
    2015-03-26 16:18

    I think more people in the world is sane than insane. I prefer people insane, becouse they are more interesting. They who don't take a risk; you don't drink a champagne.

  • Kinga
    2015-03-17 21:53

    I try to be sane.
    Sane people are very carefully when they take important decisions.

  • Ola
    2015-02-22 10:11

    People need peace to be sane.

  • Adek
    2015-02-22 10:12

    Reading books is sane way to spend your free time.

  • monika
    2015-02-22 11:11

    The only thing that keep me sane is my family.

  • Kinga
    2015-02-22 11:11

    I'm not sane, because the thief stole my wallet.

  • Max Frank
    2015-02-22 11:34

    It's hard to believe but after all that happened to me I'm still sane.

  • Olga
    2015-02-22 11:59

    Sometimes my friends think I'm sane, only because I always tell the truth, even if it's dangerous for me.

  • Ewa Marta
    2015-02-22 12:17

    When I finish my hard work, I love to run across the fields. After that, I always feel that my mind is sane. Thanks reading books I also remain sane :)

  • Kat Rud
    2015-02-22 12:23

    I can`t stay sane while staying home with my mother-in-law.
    The only thing that kept me till now sane was my little lovely son. I try, but to be honest, now I don't stay sane. She make total destroy my family life balance while visiting.

  • Paulina K
    2015-02-22 12:34

    I should be sane and responsible for mine actions, but madman lead more exciting life.

  • Jacek
    2015-02-22 12:48

    I'm almost never sane.

  • Ewelina
    2015-02-22 12:56

    1. I am sane when I sleep 8 hours and do some sports.

    2. I am really sane after a long walk through the forest. I often need that time because in that situation I can rest for while and think about by problems, hard decisions.

    The only thing that kept me sane was music.

  • S.N
    2015-02-22 13:11

    The moment I fell in love at first sight, I stopped to be reasonable and I lost my sanity .

  • Marta OOO
    2015-02-22 13:17

    I met a man in the street in my town yesterday. He did not be sane.
    Family can sustain you in difficult moments for you, by dint of them you will be sane all time.

  • Karolina
    2015-02-22 13:30

    1. When I have problems, I always try to find a SANE way to solve them.
    2. During my busy days at work, meeting my boyfriend at the weekends keeps me SANE.

  • Justynaa
    2015-02-22 13:33

    I. My ex boyfriend drives me crazy, but since we broke up I'm sane person and i'm normal girl without problems with stupid man.

  • Lola
    2015-02-22 13:37

    In the morning I am not sane until I make a first coffe.

  • Tomek
    2015-02-22 13:47

    I try live sane
    Once time ago I smoked cigarettes but throw it, that was sane act

  • Gosia
    2015-02-22 14:35

    I try to be sane when at shops are sezonal sales.

  • monika
    2015-02-22 14:49

    My mum very often tells that I'm sane, but it's not always true.

  • Ania
    2015-02-22 15:30

    When there is a lot of idiots around, it's really hard to be sane.

  • Amator
    2015-02-22 16:02

    Be sane? No way!
    The best thing at whole World are only for insane people!
    For instance:
    If you're sane(I mean quiet and reasonable), could You climb at Mount Everest?
    Think about it! :)

  • Michał
    2015-02-22 16:28

    I try to be sane in my life.

  • Daniel P
    2015-02-22 16:31

    Since the new year, I try to be a resonable man

  • Natalia
    2015-02-22 17:44

    How woman can be sane when her husband watching game with friends? Just do the yoga! :-)

  • Arleta
    2015-02-22 18:06

    Only totally sane person could choose such reasonable solution.
    Only my home with my family are things that keep me sane.
    My father have decided to make sane decision and throw it.
    I always try to be sane in my life.

  • Arleta
    2015-02-22 18:06

    Only totally sane person could choose such reasonable solution.
    Only my home with my family are things that keep me sane.
    My father have decided to make sane decision and throw it.
    I always try to be sane in my life.

  • Laura
    2015-02-22 18:07

    My friend is very sane

  • Basia :)
    2015-02-22 18:08

    I try to be sane but it's difficult to me in some situation.

  • Iza
    2015-02-22 18:09

    How long can you stay sane without sleep?

  • Gosia87
    2015-02-22 18:17

    The only thing that keep me sane is thinking about a better future.

  • Kacper
    2015-02-22 18:29

    I always try to think sane.

  • Beata Borowska
    2015-02-22 19:20

    Sometimes I feel like I'm losing control and going insane.
    Then is coming a new day and I'm so sane.

  • Bożena
    2015-02-22 19:32

    So half the time, she acted as if she liked the crackers and didn't like the broccoli - just like a baby and any other sane person.

  • Dzulii
    2015-02-22 19:50

    I hope when I have a first baby I will be more sane because sometimes I do not have marable now.

  • Dzulii
    2015-02-22 19:52

    I hope when I have a first baby I will be more sane because sometimes I do not have marable now.

  • Dominika
    2015-02-22 20:21

    The only thing that kept me sane is my family.

  • Ela
    2015-02-22 20:51

    Good habits are keeping me sane and happy.

  • Paulina
    2015-02-22 21:03

    My little brother is very sane child, and has only eight years.

  • Małgorzata Kwiatkowska
    2015-02-22 21:27

    We live in crazy and fast world and be sane is very difficult. My tips for mentally health is meditaion, prayer and doing physical exercises.

    A lot of today people are crazy for career. I think job is one the most importatnt things in our life, but we shuld be resaonable, sane and have a distance. Otherwise we will be madman! We must be sane!

  • Aga
    2015-02-22 22:04

    i'm not sane, when i eating chocolate :D

  • Aneta_79
    2015-02-22 22:37

    To stay sane, I would plan the rest of my life.

  • Kasia.P
    2015-02-22 22:39

    I'm sane i my work.

  • Ewelina A
    2015-02-22 23:30

    If we want to stay stane, we shouldn't drink alcohol.

  • Patrzi
    2015-02-22 23:40

    When something is going wrong it's important to stay sane.

  • Gresiek7
    2015-02-23 07:10

    Not every places, not every moments need your sane. It's worth not to be sane whole live. Take sane only on proper plases!

  • Aneta
    2015-02-23 07:13

    After talking with people who confide with their problems I'm going home to relax, and stay sane.

  • Ewela Z.
    2015-02-23 07:41

    Now religions have a much saner attitude to terror.

  • Sylwia
    2015-02-23 08:55

    Some people are very sane but sometimes are so stupid.

  • emka
    2015-02-23 10:08

    I am really sane not to mention about my husband

  • gosia
    2015-02-23 12:41

    There is only one difference between a madman and me. The madman thinks he is sane. I know I am mad. Salvador Dali.

  • Jadwiga
    2015-02-23 12:58

    1. I consider myself a sane person, because I like to plan what I do.
    2. Sometimes only need to a simple conversation to keep someone sane.
    3. I like to work with sane people.

  • BeataBeata
    2015-02-23 13:15

    I always try spend my money in the sane way.

  • Ziomalka
    2015-02-23 14:24

    Sometimes sane man should listen to your heart.

  • Olga
    2015-02-23 14:41

    My husband always say that I am very sane person.

  • Kasia
    2015-02-23 16:20

    The only thing that kept me sane was sport
    sometimes I do something without sane

  • Jagienka
    2015-02-23 18:21

    Being sane is the main feature when people making difficult decisions.

  • Klaudia93
    2015-02-23 20:17

    sometimes my friend isn't sane

  • Karols
    2015-02-23 21:31

    When I see chocolate I'm not sane.

  • Artur Kurpiel
    2015-02-23 21:32

    I try to be sane every day.

  • Kate
    2015-02-23 21:42

    My husband is sane men.

  • mater00
    2015-02-23 21:50

    people around me usually know me as sane man.

  • Seba
    2015-02-23 22:53

    My friend never was and never will be sane.

  • Ania
    2015-02-23 22:57

    My mum is sane. She always knows what she should say to me.

  • anna m
    2015-02-23 23:03

    I am very sane girl but if I meet a handsome man I crazy and out of mind

  • Bartek Es.
    2015-02-23 23:25

    President of My country is not sane person because He is not responsible He is still need a lot of money.

  • E Ka
    2015-02-24 10:09

    Sometimes i loose sane when I'am nervous.

  • Maciek N.
    2015-02-24 10:24

    I think everyone should be sane
    When i drive a car, i'm sane

  • asia
    2015-02-24 11:12

    To stay sane, I would plan the rest of my life

  • Maria S.
    2015-02-24 13:14

    Mary tried to be sane when she saw tragedy on the road after car accident.

  • ala k
    2015-02-24 14:22

    When I decide about important things I am sane.

  • KoKo
    2015-02-24 15:37

    My frends told me that I'm sane, but I demand the exercise of thinking from every sane person. Emotions and feelings are unpredictable! I have a much saner attitude to life...

  • Jakub
    2015-02-24 17:06

    I wasn't sane when i killed my mother.

  • Monika
    2015-02-24 17:57

    It isn't sane to go alone in the dark of the night.

  • Ania
    2015-02-24 22:04

    I'm very sane person, but even like that I had many crazy or stupid moments in my life.

  • AnKa
    2015-02-24 23:51

    He look to very sane, but he always has trouble.

  • MGosia
    2015-02-25 15:16

    1. When I decided about something important in my life, I try be sane.

  • Gresiek7
    2015-02-26 13:12

    Sane, success guaranty? Noooo!!!!

  • Justz
    2015-02-26 13:42

    When you have stressfull job it's important to find something which keeps you sane.

  • Borsuk
    2015-02-26 22:44

    The president of country should be sane.

  • Diana
    2015-02-27 12:39

    My family keeps me sane.

  • Łukasz
    2015-02-27 16:39

    I always stay sane

  • Hanna
    2015-02-28 02:45

    Before making an importand decision be sure you are thinking sane.

  • Kamil K
    2015-02-28 16:02

    You have to be sane when you choose women of your life.

  • Justyna
    2015-03-01 18:21

    If you fall in love, your decisions aren't sane.

  • Kasia
    2015-03-01 22:07

    One of things that kept me sane are my friends

  • Kasia B
    2015-03-05 19:23

    sane??? who dont risk, who is insane - drink the champagne

  • Maupa
    2015-03-08 15:45

    In my life I try to be sane, but it's hard sometime.

  • Natalia
    2015-03-09 21:20

    My priest is really sane. I respect him

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