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How getting up early changed my life...

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2015-05-14 13:56

„Get up at 5.30? Are you insane??? Why would anyone want to get up this early?”

Ever since I can remember I’ve always been a night owl. I loved staying up late, enjoyed the peaceful evenings during which I could catch up on the things I didn’t manage to do earlier. Sometimes I simply liked to unwind after a long busy day. 

In the mornings, boy, was I a slacker. I would sleep as long as I could, hitting the snooze button a dozen times. Everyone at home was already awake, feeling cheerful and preparing for breakfast while I couldn’t resist the „5 more minutes” urge which resulted in my being angry and demotivated.

Deep down, though, I have always envied people who were early risers. There was something that inspired me in them, some invisible spark in their eyes.

Whenever I had to get up very early, I felt refreshed, my mind was clear and I was able to actually complete many tasks with ease and a smile on my face. 

One day I came across a book. I immediately thought it was a godsend. „The Miracle Morning” by Hal Elrod (check it out here) was supposed to teach me, a night owl, to become an early bird and transform my life. And you know what? IT REALLY DID. Actually the book was more like a roadmap showing me the direction I needed to take.

It is not my intention to convince anyone to become an early riser right now. There’s no reason to change anything if you’re happy with your current situation.

I, personally, do not want to go back to that morning grogginess.

What changed? 

  • I feel in charge of making things happen. I can control what time I get up and I can control anything during the day
  • I always have a fantastic mood throughout the day :) 
  • my plans and dreams do come true… :)


What works?

  • asking yourself WHY you want to get up early in the first place. Let’s be honest. You won’t get up early just because. You need to have a good reason to get up. If you have to catch a plane in the morning and you know you have to get up early, THAT’S the good reason. You will bounce out of bed even before your alarm goes off!
    Ask yourself before you go to sleep what you are going to get if you wake up early. Plan it out. Decide what fun thing you could do. I like to turn on my favourite music :) and I always have different reasons for getting up every day.
  • going to bed 15 minutes earlier than usual and getting up 15 minutes earlier than usual. Apply this every single day and you’ll become an early riser in no time! I lack patience at times so instead of doing this in increments I decided I needed a major change. Remember what works for me can but doesn’t have to work for you!
  • creating a wind down routine in the evening. What does it mean? You can go for a walk, read a book, meditate, take a shower and then go to bed. Your body will recognize that these activities mean that the day has ended and it’s time to relax, if you stick to this routine. It’s important to do these activities in order and roughly the same time every day.
  • tricking your brain to get up. I love this one! What do you do when your alarm goes off? Hit the snooze button for 10 minutes and go back to sleep? Try this one. Instead of going to bed or forcing yourself to get up right away, convince yourself! You can stick it out for just 10 minutes. This is called „inverted snooze”. During those 10 minutes you can do whatever you choose (make coffee, open windows, brush your teeth, turn on music), just don’t go to bed. When your alarm goes off again, you’re already awake!
  • not rationalizing. Never allow your brain to talk you out of getting up early. Simply don’t make getting in bed an option.
  • I read somewhere that in order to sync our body’s sleep schedule with the sunrise and sunset you need to… go camping! :) Imagine spending a week without artificial light. And you know what? I will be camping for over a week in JUNE and I can’t wait to check this piece of advice out!
  • last but not least… taking advantage of all the extra time! Get a jump start on your day and do something enjoyable. I like to take a shower, exercise, meditate and plan for the rest of the day. By the time 7 am rolls around, I’ve done more than many people do the entire day! Always in a good mood!



a night owl - nocny marek
catch up on - nadrobić
to unwind - odpocząć
a slacker - leń
snooze button - guzik drzemki
urge - pragnienie
deep down - w głębi duszy
envy - zazdrościć
early riser - ranny ptaszek
come across - natknąć się
godsend - dar z nieba
groggy - półprzytomny, wycieńczony
bounce out of bed - wyskoczyć z łóżka
in no time - w mig
lack - brakować
in increments - ratami
roughly - mniej więcej
inverted - odwrócony
talk sb out of sth - odwieść kogoś, wyperswadować
roll around - nadchodzić, zbliżać się


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  • Agnieszka Biały
    2015-05-15 11:03

    @pomoc: będę o tym pamiętać. Póki co wymowę zawsze możesz sprawdzić tutaj: :)

  • pomoc
    2015-05-14 23:22

    super było by gdybyście jeszcze przy słówkach na końcu pisali wymowę.

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