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DAY 3/30

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2015-03-17 10:27

Hey there! :) How are you feeling today? Spring is in the air here in Warsaw, the sun has finally come out! Today you’re going to learn… a phrasal verb! And you’ll get your bonus sentences and words as well!

Tell me please how you’re memorizing the words. I am very curious :)

Let’s get down to work!

Cześć! Jak się dzisiaj czujesz? W Warszawie czuć wiosnę! Słoneczko wreszcie wyszło!
Dzisiaj nauczysz się… phrasal verb (czasownika frazowego)! Oczywiście otrzymasz dodatkowe słówka i zdania!

Daj mi znać w jaki sposób zapamiętujesz słówka. Jestem bardzo ciekawa :) Zabieramy się do pracy!

Day 3/30

to be done for (pronunciation done) - to be in serious trouble - być w tarapatach
We’re done for now! Here come the police!

Task1: Have you ever been done for? Write it down in the comments below.

Zadanie1: Czy byłeś kiedykolwiek w tarapatach? Napisz w komentarzach poniżej.

BONUS Native Speaker SENTENCE:

1. I was learning to sing and I practiced in front of a mirror: la, la, la, la, la, la. Hey I’m sounding good. And then I went in front of my friends and my family. I said, oh gosh, I got a little nervous. Then I’d get in front of Sting, Oh my goodness, I am a little more nervous!

Hey I’m sounding good - Ej, dobrze brzmi!
oh gosh - o rety
oh my goodness - o mój Boże

Task2: Today THINK about these sentences and words. Try to say them out loud as often as possible. Talk to yourself. Imagine yourself using this sentences. Write them down in the comments below. Your goal is to be able to speak them automatically by the end of the day!

Zadanie2: Przez cały dzień MYŚL o tych zdaniach i słowach. Staraj się wypowiadać je na głos tak często jak tylko to możliwe. Wyobraź sobie jak wypowiadasz te zdania. Zapisz je komentarzach poniżej. Twoim celem jest wypowiadanie ich automatycznie do końca dnia!

Your bonus words:

once - raz, gdy, kiedyś, pewnego razu (She was once asked what advice she could give to young mothers)


Podobne wpisy


  • nuala
    2015-04-15 21:30

    He is done for because he cause fatal accident.

  • ak
    2015-04-11 12:09

    I never give up, when i am done for.

  • Viking
    2015-03-31 14:33

    If I don't catch this train, I will be done for.

  • ak
    2015-03-29 21:37

    I was done for many times, but with friends and faith I get up.

  • B.
    2015-03-25 13:21

    At that moment I knew it he was done for.

  • Dorota 48l.
    2015-03-24 09:38

    Yes, I was done for many times but it was a little troubles... Sometimes travelling to work to another city I confused the train... and had gone in against direction ;)

  • Ziomalka
    2015-03-23 12:52

    When I was a child I ofen was done for with my sibling. Parents were angry at us. Luckily, I grew up with this.

  • Gabrysek
    2015-03-23 12:48

    When I was a youth I stole a large sum of money to my parents. I was done for!

  • Monia
    2015-03-22 19:06

    Yeah, I've been to be done for. I've been on the holiday. I met new friend and they showed me some old place which was banned. Police had to stop us :)

  • Ania R.
    2015-03-22 17:46

    Be nice if you don't want to be done for:)

  • pawlik
    2015-03-20 17:48

    Yeah, I was done for, I was caught by police when I broke the law.

  • pierun
    2015-03-20 14:27

    I'm done for when I stay alone in home with my two little daughters

  • Werka :D
    2015-03-19 19:12

    I have lost my phone, so I am done for now.

  • Kasia P.
    2015-03-19 17:56

    I'm done for, because I don' have money to pay rent.

  • Amator
    2015-03-19 15:43

    I'm done for now, cause there is only 40days to my matura exams!

  • Doris 77
    2015-03-19 03:07

    We were done for when the weather quick change in the mountains.

  • Artur Kurpiel
    2015-03-18 22:22

    I was done for the oyher day. I drove car and about fell at tree.

    . I was learning to sing and I practiced in front of a mirror: la, la, la, la, la, la. Hey I’m sounding good. And then I went in front of my friends and my family. I said, oh gosh, I got a little nervous. Then I’d get in front of Sting, Oh my goodness, I am a little more nervous!

  • Aga W.
    2015-03-18 22:19

    I have been done for, when I lost my wallet last summer.

  • mater00
    2015-03-18 17:30

    One day I went to my cousine, when I have got into his garden I saw his dog free and I become done for !

  • Michcik
    2015-03-18 13:56

    I was done for when I was stop by the police when I rode on my bike.

  • Sylwia
    2015-03-18 13:06

    I don't wanna be done for.

  • Ewa C.
    2015-03-18 12:57

    Look at me or you'll be done for!

  • ElaM
    2015-03-18 11:01

    be done for. I'm done for today because I forget to pay bills for the last month.

  • alicja g
    2015-03-18 08:27

    i have to prepare dish for evening if it wont be done my cousin would be angry

  • Agnieszka Koralewska
    2015-03-18 07:38

    I was done for three years ago. I was seiling by surfing desk and I sailed too far from the shore.
    Luckily, the special water policy helped me. But I had to wait for the very long. I was then very fraid:)

  • Inga K.
    2015-03-17 23:38

    I was once done for, I was a child in the age of about 10 years old. I was doing the shopping when I noticed that I've been robbed. It was horrible feeling.

  • Ola
    2015-03-17 22:34

    Because I often do something too late, many times I been done for.

  • monika
    2015-03-17 22:32

    I've rather never been done for.

  • Asia
    2015-03-17 22:05

    The day after tomorrow I will be done for. I must write really important chemistry exam in Friday....

  • Ania
    2015-03-17 22:00

    I have been done for, it was horrible. I didn't know what can I do, but my friends help me in this time.

    My best way to learn new words it is write every on a small cards of paper. I tick off the words what I know and I don't day by day. It's works

  • katarzyna k
    2015-03-17 21:59

    In case that I am cautious person I have never been done for.

  • ula
    2015-03-17 21:57

    I'm done for my naughty pupils at school.

  • Ewa S.
    2015-03-17 21:53

    I have been done in troubles, every time when I was younger and maddly in love.

  • Ewelina
    2015-03-17 21:11

    Two years ago I was done for because I lost my passport and next day I had to fly to Spain.
    I was so angry on myself!

    I think that I am really responsible person so I never was done for. Thanks to it I can avoid a lot of stressful situations.

    We're done for now! Here come the police!

  • Emilia
    2015-03-17 20:46

    I think everybody was done once or more, but at that moment I don`t remember when I was done seriously. I`am lucky women ;) When I has problem, I say often " O gosh" or "Oh my godness"...

    When I want remember new word I like make small drawing and relate, associate new english word with polish words that I know.16

  • Kasia S
    2015-03-17 20:18

    I have been done for when I was traveling without ticket and I noticed that ticket inspector is coming.

  • Marta
    2015-03-17 20:18

    I have never been done for and I hope will never be:)

  • Vlada
    2015-03-17 20:12

    I've never been done for yet, and i hope i won't.

  • Beata
    2015-03-17 19:48

    I'm done for now, I was alone at work. I don't know how I'll manage.

  • Tomek
    2015-03-17 19:41

    several years ago I have been done for when it I beat against above 5 enemies at the party
    These days I am not be done for

  • Natalia T
    2015-03-17 19:06

    Today I was done for, because I sent photo with my tattoo to my mothrer, she didnt know about my tattoo.

  • Beata Borowska
    2015-03-17 18:33

    I am done for now. I don't know what to write.

  • Jaga
    2015-03-17 18:32

    They're done for now.Their house burned to the ground.

  • Basia :)
    2015-03-17 18:25

    I am never done for and I wouldn't be but If I would, I'm sure I could deal with it.

  • Adek
    2015-03-17 18:23

    1) Of course I have been done for, but who haven't.
    2) Be careful on the lessons or you will be done for.

  • Damian
    2015-03-17 18:19

    I'm so lucky because I've never been in serious trouble.

  • Ania G
    2015-03-17 18:13

    I'm done for now. I am in serious problem not having a job and an apartament to pay.

    Hey, I'm sounding good! I thought when I sang to myself. But when I recorded it on a tape and then listened to it, I was like: "Oh gosh, Oh my goodness, it's sooo good nobody beside me has heard it".

  • Elwira
    2015-03-17 17:53

    After I had made an entry to my daughter, I caught her on cigarette smoking and she was done for.

  • Monia B
    2015-03-17 17:33

    I was done for when my Polish teacher took my nootebook to check it.

  • Aneta
    2015-03-17 15:49

    I have never been done for, but if olny I have some problems I ask my brothers to help me.

  • oks
    2015-03-17 15:20

    I'll be done if I don't get competitions on the finish of my study

  • Aniela
    2015-03-17 14:59

    I am done for! Tax policy is persecuting me.

  • Agata Ros
    2015-03-17 14:19

    I was done for several times. When I broke down some glass or I was rude at my sister and my mom wanted to punish me. There are many things, examples but I will spare you the details.

  • M.
    2015-03-17 13:58

    Few times I got in trouble because of my long tongue.

  • MGosia
    2015-03-17 13:55

    I have never been done for! I'm lucky!

  • Aga D.
    2015-03-17 13:40

    I know it sounds weird but have never been done for. ;)

  • kaka
    2015-03-17 13:30

    I'm done at the moment, because of my never ending project at work.

  • karolina
    2015-03-17 13:20

    I think I've never been done yet. I like playing safe so I rather avoid serious troubles.

  • Paulina
    2015-03-17 12:22

    I never be done for ,but my brother was once in trouble when thief stolen his car.

  • Justz
    2015-03-17 11:53

    I have been done fore several times especially when I was teeneger and my mom caught me smoking.

  • Wer
    2015-03-17 11:39

    I happen to be done for right now. Sick and stuck behind the desk, children to feed, a speeding fine to pay, family on the rocks. Can it possibly get any worse?

  • Ewa P
    2015-03-17 11:35

    Once, I was done for now, when I'm get lost in forrest, when I'm collecting mushrooms. Okropne to zdanie proszę o poprawienie mnie :D

  • Max Frank
    2015-03-17 11:04

    Listen to me or you'll be done for!

  • AgnieszkaW..
    2015-03-17 10:58

    Marek is in serious trouble becouse he has credit in the bank.Today Marek lost work.

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